Dont get Stealth Mine


Hi all,

im at Level 21 now and Stealth Mine is still not found. Same with Hide Self. How can I get them? I opened a lot of gold crates but nothing. All other Powers where found after 1-2 levels.



The percent of getting a Legendary power points is really small. You have too open hundred of gold crates to get at least one, but with little luck, you could get in even faster. It took me 3 months to unlock Hide self, but don’t lose hope!


Same with me, i wait since 5 month for hide self xD ( still not having it with almost only gold crates )


Same for me. I’ve been waiting for months now for Sleath Mine and I’ve opened so many gold crates :frowning:
It’s hard not to lose hope haha! I’m still hoping for Santa Claus so give it to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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