Don't forget the shield module!


Not that much people use the shield power. They don’t use it because it doesn’t do anything but shields you.

That is not true. When you know you will get hit by a fever, you simply suicide or activate your shield. The shield protects 30% of your points. That’s a lot.

The shield also protects you from bullets and bombs (Example: One Shot, Zap, Scatter, Side shot, Homing, Stealth Mine, etc.)

These are the setups that I recommend using with shield

  • Shield with Time Bomb
  • Shield with Mine or Stealth Mine
  • Shield with Scattershot
  • Shield with Side Shot
  • Shield with Clock Block (To Counter other Shield Players)

I really hoped you guys enjoyed, and see you guys soon!


Nibby. :slight_smile:


Not many people like it when people use shield. It kind makes them scared. Don’t get me wrong its a great power but you are kinda weak then…


Wait, do you really maintain 30% of the points you should of have lost to a fever when you activate Shield before hitting it and have it on while hitting the fever?


it protects if u activate the shield before hitting the fever


Did not know that, I might test it later.