Does Curve Fever need a wiki?


I Googled “curve fever wiki” and came across a CF Pro wiki with only the main page and a Curve Fever wiki that seems to be poor in standards of what you’d expect from a formal wiki.

I’ve been thinking about starting a Curve Fever wikia. It could be useful with all sorts of strategies on the different games, and maybe we could even throw in a bit of Curve Fever 3 in there. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Does anyone actually want to START one?


We already have one wiki,dont remember if it’s official or not,and was satisfying updated that fulfilled our requirements at least,every single addition to maybe update it or simply complete it and make it explanatory enough will be appreciated,just set your imagination with all you think is needed to make it more robust.


I would agree with you. The Curve Fever Pro Wiki originally had multiple pages, but then all of a sudden, all but the main page was removed: Pages for all Ships, Modules, Gamemodes, Arenas, etc. I would like to see someone make a wiki that includes all information from this game.

P.S., I don’t actually want to start a Curve Fever Wiki right now, but I’ll appreciate it when someone does it.


The original wiki was too hard to keep up-to-date so it was deleted


It would also be good if there was a Fanon section (where we make our ideas), and a Curve Fever Pro section (where information about CFP can be entered).


there’s too much information to adding up,lets contribute all us everyday with a little grain of sand😉