Does America or does the queueing does



Why do I always get in game with silver or gold players. I am diamond three so i suspect the first option for people to play with would be other diamond players. Sadly this is not the case there could be 4-5 diamond players who are all good to go waiting for the game to put them in a match, included me. The game would skip over me and put me in a game with gold, silver or even bronzze player and just maybe if i am really lucky one or two diamond players.

Now if i am correct the game chooses people in the same region as you first then others.

This is not benefiting me at all. can you make a button or something so I can wait the extra 20 sec and get in a real game. I do not mind waiting, if there is a chance I will play with better players because the region or whatever it may be is putting me in some boring games.

i pretty sure the people i am playing against dont like me beating them eather.


Hahaha the title had me laugh :joy:

But on a more serious note: the queue system as it is now is not perfect. The devs are aware of it and are trying to find a good solution!


Haha x2,firstly set your region to eu,that way u going to find more skilled opponents if the amount of players is much ,if the situation persist ,i recommend going to our reliable custom rooms

May god bless america!!!
In another hand,its funny when ppl call on me to play bc im diamond whenever they are simply gold ranked ,even silver


To answer your question :-
America sucks. Not the queueing.
I am from US so i get less lag on US server but i tick the EU option on the options and also click on the checkbox (“Only play in the selected region”) because EU players are better most of the time (especially when EU people are not sleeping and are actively playing).
That is not to say that there aren’t good american players. Some of the times I get good matches in US night time with US players but not often.