Do you still play CF pro the same as before the update? (A POLL, VOTE HERE)

  • I play CF pro the same since the latest update
  • I play CF pro less since the latest update
  • I play CF pro more since the latest update

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By the latest update the poll is referring to the update that introduced: energy, limited amounts of time to use modules, 4 crates instead of 8, etc.


I play less because of the less crates but would still play the same if there was 8 crates.


I played less the past days because of having holidays :joy: but since i made multiple accounts since the last update came out, i guess i play the same if not more


i think i have been playing more since the energy update cuz i started this game around the time that update came out and i really got hooked into this game after the update… I remember playing the game before the update and grandmasters’ powers would do so much more damage that normal ones and it was so unfair.

But i dont like the current energy system. I wanna play with my powers as much as i want.


I really dislike the new system. Pay to play, noncompetitive. Really not nice for any players.

We’ve all been pouring out ideas, but the devs are telling that they are losing money sustaining the game. Apparently the best way to fix that is to dicourage the userbase. For some reason, we still haven’t heard back from them on possible changes. Are they actually making more money this way? Only 40 players in queue at all times(not 100% accurate, but a sheer drop from the previous 100-120 players that appeared in peak hours).

I mean, I still doubt they’ll reply to this post.

Nice idea for a poll though!


They might be on holiday. I assume they will change the current system to a more deliberate one, once they return.


Somebody tag the mods and devs make them see this poll.


i look like an idiot being the only one who plays more since the update but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


How are you even playing more since it’s limited modules lol.


i wrote this earlier :-

i am kinda new to this game and my honeymoon phase is going on. i think it’ll last another week.


Oh, that’s possible.


Did you actually play before the update was released? Cause if you’re that new you don’t have a lot to compare it to making you a disqualified poll-voter.


ye i started the game a bit b4 the update so i am qualified lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh alright


Whoa you really are the only one who plays more…


Am I the only one who doesn’t hate the 1.5.0 update?:thinking: I’m playing the same amount.


I play the same amount as we’ll. So not a lot


I mostly play less because of the holidays :joy:


i play this one more cus this is the one i was introduced to and also the old one sucks