Do you like ads?

  • I like ads
  • I don’t like ads

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well without ads the game couldnt not support itself so i think i like them since it keep the game alive (unlike cf3 :confused: ) :heart:


I never ever gonna like ads,thing is devs,in simple words,“they need to eat everyday” and im pretty sure that everybody that love this game understand that basis,thus we always gonna support every sustainability methods to keep this game alive


I like ads… Why? It supports the devs


i agree with that, you know i made this poll to see if people actually new why there are ads.


I dont like ads, i use adblock to block them.


wow u sukk


I dont use ad block,i dont like ads but consider them as a little break between games


Games with ads are better


I like ads since they support the game, but sometimes it messes with me when I’m playing some matches and then A BARBIE AD JUST RANDOMLY SHOWS UP! XD


Ads help the devs keep the game alive.

100% support. I even disabled my adblocker on the game.


If i were rich or businessman i keep supporting this noble cause (its a cliche i know😂)