Do you have or do not have? [game]



The fun consists in the fact that another person says if he or she has something, and then he asks a question, like "Do you have [something]?"

for example:
User 1
Do you have gyms?
User 2
Sure, yeah, no :smiley:
Do you have GTA V?


I think you forgot something in your post… :joy:


Do you have more than 100 likes on facebook?
(under profile pic)


Hm No im not really active on facebook
do you have 10 like+ on a comment’? ( in forum )


That’s easy, I’ve got 24 - New way of playing Curve Fever (anyone has more than that or is it formus’ record?)

Do you have pets?


yes, 10 rats, 1 chinchilla, 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 brothers

Do you have cheese in the fridge?


Ye, i have Bulgarian cheese (sirene) in the fridge

[@Ozzzj, that’s sad, you have got only two pets… brothers]

Do you have someone right next to you, right now?


Yes there sits my bro on his Laptop…

Have you ever been in Africa?


No, but I want :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have savings?



Do you have Factorio?


Yes! It’s pretty awesome playing solo. It haunted my dreams while I played it “back in the day”.

Have you played Satisfactory?


Nope, but i have seen it on-stream! It’s a interesting idea of thinking about a 3-dimensional Factorio [although some people might say that’s like how people compared Splatoon to COD]

Do you, by any chance, have a spare baguette just laying around?