Discord emoji contest



:pentagon: Discord Emoji contest :tetragon:

A common pain and desire has been fueling us all. As a cold winter is upon us, it is time to bring warmth to our hearts and to our Discord, in the form of new emojis!

Contest rules :memo:

  • Two types of submissions are welcome: fixed emojis or animated emojis (usable by Nitro users). Fixed and animated emojis compete in two separate categories.
  • Each user can submit up to four fixed emojis and one animated emoji .
  • Submissions must be related to Curve Fever (CFP) in some way. It could be, for example:
    • in-game assets,
    • in-game art,
    • art or contribution related to CFP but not actually existing in-game,
    • etc.
  • You can also submit emojis that are related to “community inside jokes.” Please make sure these jokes are not offensive, leak private information or target a player in a negative manner.
  • Any effect or alteration on your submissions is allowed.
  • Please name your submissions (e.g. CFP_Red_Ship)

General rules :woman_judge:

  • Once sent to the contest host(s), you cannot change your submissions. You do not have to send all your submissions at once.
  • Don’t share submissions publicly or privately by any means, except with the designated contest host(s).
  • Voting only for your own submissions is not allowed.
  • Asking others to vote for you is not allowed.
  • Using alt accounts to vote for your submission is not allowed.
  • Copyrighted content is not allowed.
  • The submissions must be in agreement with the Discord Terms and Service and our own Community Guidelines.
  • Submissions failing to respect either of these rules will be automatically disqualified.

What happens with the submissions? :star2:

Community vote. :revolving_hearts: All submissions will be submitted to a community vote on Discord for all users with the role NOVICE or higher. This will lead to rewards and will influence the final selection of emojis to be put on the server.

Implementation. :wrench: The final choice of emojis to be implemented onto the Discord server will be made by the Staff. The results of community voting will be heavily taken into consideration but the Staff will decide on which emojis to implement at its own discretion. The emojis selected will be gradually implemented onto the CFP server.


All rewards earned by a user throughout the contest are cumulative! Submissions can generate rewards in several ways:

Rewards for category “Fixed emojis” - based on number of votes :gem:

:1st_place_medal: 300 gems

:2nd_place_medal: 250 gems

:3rd_place_medal: 225 gems

4th 200 gems

5th 180 gems

6th 160 gems

7th 140 gems

8th 120 gems

9th 110 gems

10th 100 gems

Rewards for category “Animated emojis” - based on number of votes :gem:

:1st_place_medal: 300 gems

:2nd_place_medal: 250 gems

:3rd_place_medal: 200 gems

4th 150 gems

5th 100 gems

Reward for overall winner :crown:

The player receiving the highest combined amount of votes from all their submissions will be crowned Contest winner!

Rewards for implementation :gem:

Every emoji chosen by the staff to be implemented on the server will bring an extra 25 gems at the time of implementation to their author(s)!

Technical stuff :hammer_and_wrench:

As much as possible, please try to meet the following technical criteria for your submissions. You can still submit even if you do not strictly meet these criteria. However, meeting these criteria would be very appreciated as it would make our job much easier, and it would also increase the chances of your emoji being implemented (as it wouldn’t require as much work on our side). :clap:

  • Fixed emojis: :framed_picture:

    • Preferred dimensions: 128x128px (Preferred aspect ratio: Square - 1:1)
    • Format: .png file
    • Transparent background
  • Animated emojis: :film_strip:

    • Preferred dimensions: 128x128 px (Preferred aspect ratio: Square - 1:1)
    • Format: .gif file
    • Duration: maximum 3 seconds
    • A user-friendly gif maker can be found here - https://ezgif.com/maker

:grey_exclamation: Disclaimer - As indicated, the points above are recommendations, but you are invited to still submit even if you do not fulfill these technical criteria, your submissions will still be accepted! :white_check_mark:


Submissions can be sent in a private message, either on Discord to Conchord#3815 or on the forums to @Conchord.

Submissions are open from 2022-12-13T11:00:00Z to 2023-01-07T19:00:00Z.

Votes are planned to take place between 2023-01-09T19:00:00Z to 2023-01-13T19:00:00Z.

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hey can i send u a link of my emoji?


It says a cold winter is upon us, but that is not inclusive of our fellow southern hemisphere players.


when are yall posting the winners


Hi! I didn’t put an announcement here, but the deadline to submit was extended by a week - until last Sunday. I am sorting through submissions and preparing voting now, which will begin very soon, and should end by the end of the week. I will post here again once voting has started. :slight_smile:


Voting is now open! :partying_face:
All voting takes place on our Discord server, check out the latest announcement in #contests for all the details. Voting will close on 2023-01-22T19:00:00Z, and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards once we’ve checked the votes.


:partying_face: The results are in! :partying_face:

Please note that since we are talking about Discord emojis, the announcement on Discord is much more helpful as it includes a lot of the emojis in question. This forum announcement will therefore just give results and names, but to see the actual emojis, please check out our Discord server!

Again, I am super happy with the submissions that came in, so much good stuff, definitely a good part of them that will make it onto the servers in the weeks/months to come – and a couple of them have already been added. :cowboy_hat_face: We will figure out the details for the rest soon, but definitely something to look forward to!
Until then, let’s talk GEMS and PRIZE… Here are the results for the FIXED category:

:1st_place_medal: art3mis — :tour_drama: — 300 :gem:Added to the server!
:2nd_place_medal: Yam — :teams: — 250 :gem:Added to the server!
:3rd_place_medal: Elochka — :sorry: — 225 :gem:Added to the server!
:3rd_place_medal: Lagtop & Karelxxx — :peepogem: — 225 :gem: (both submitted very similar emojis, both get the full reward) — Added to the server!
5TH art3mis — :choke: — 180 :gem:
5TH CelestialCurve — :smurf: — 180 :gem:
7TH POISENIVY — :antichamp: — 140 :gem:
7TH POISENIVY — :bruh_mine: — 140 :gem:
9TH POISENIVY — :clown_fever: — 110 :gem:
9TH Yam — :tournament: — 110 :gem:

And here they come for the ANIMATED category:

:1st_place_medal: Elochka — :tick: — 300 :gem:
:2nd_place_medal: Smokey Nagata — :loading: — 300 :gem:
:3rd_place_medal: Lagtop — :headpat: — 200 :gem:
:3rd_place_medal: Yam — :camp: — 200 :gem:
5TH Lagtop — :ded: — 100 :gem:

The overall winner, with in total (counting a maximum of 4 fixed emojis and 1 animated emojis), 55 points, grabbing a THIRD contest win, is…
:crown: Elochka! :crown:
Emojis submitted — :sorry: / :point: / :shot: / :tour_win: / :tick:

Very close behind, and who put up a hell of a fight:
:2nd_place_medal: Yam, with 52 points — :teams: / :tournament: / :gm2: / :turret: / :camp: (not included in the count — :pickup:)
:3rd_place_medal: art3mis, with 51 points — :tour_drama: / :choke: / :ez_clap: / :buff_nerf: / :nohax: (not included in the count — :L_day: )

To all prize winners: if you have several accounts ingame, please PM me which account you want to receive your gems on!

Thank you again all for this contest, thank you to my loving and lovely staffmates who helped out from beginning to end, and I’ll see you all soon for other adventures!

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