Diamond 1, 2, 3, etc.; Grand Masters and top 100




I have a question about the top 100 and Grand Masters ranks. I have played with a lot of people ranked Diamond with stars, so more than 1550 points according to the Ranking System. Shouldn’t they be Grand Masters then since the last of the top 100 has 1515 points?

Can they perhaps show their Diamond Rank rather than their Grand Master title? Or is the top 100 list not actually updated contrary to the “Leaderboard is updated every hour” message?


Idk the real answer but both of the reasons u suggested are wrong. Some diamonds with more than 1515 points have asked the same question so that means they haven’t chosen to be diamond. Also the leaderboard is updated every hour


the in game leaderboard is bugged … the real one can be seen on discord


So some diamonds who really are gm will never be gm according to the game?