Devs, please stop messing with balancing


Dear Devs

I’d like to just make a point here to explain that i genuinely enjoy the game that you have created, but why do you have to mess with the balance? Scatter and zap are broken beyond belief, and i think we need the balance to go back the way it was before; reward survival equally as much as interaction. We don’t want people to AFK for 3-4 rounds and then zap the leader to steal lead, because that’s frustrating, and genuinely not fun.

The reason i’m writing this is because 1.7.4, where you absolutely annihilate any sense of balance in the game, and I hope you may revert or at least attempt to remedy the balance at this point in the game’s life; had i not known better, i’d be assuming that you’re using this to boost your rank for personal gain!

Jokes aside, in the current state of the game; i like the friends list, but i dislike the gameplay at this points. It solely rewards interaction and makes everything else seem like an afterthought of attempting to “support different playstyles” or whatever. I do not, and i do not assume other veterans of the game who’ve most likely been playing far longer then I have, like the game in the path you’re putting it. I do not wish to see CFP become yet another .io-esque shooter.

Also, Devs, please put a passive advertisement above the chat and allow us to hop in a round right away.

Best of luck


I agree with everything Property is saying and fully support all of it. Ads are fine but I would definitely not complain getting into a match right away.


Balance between offensive & defensive weapons is still :poop: since 1.7.4.
Hope one day I can win again with defensive weapons.
Hope one day I don’t lose 50 points for a single shot by an offensive opponent.
Without that… OK… bored… :pensive: