Dev updates poll & AMA


Hi everyone,

There’s a lot we’d like to share with you and talk about, which we want to start doing in the form of Dev Updates. Those can be shared in many ways, of course. Let us know what you’d prefer by voting for the poll below.

What type of Dev Updates would YOU like to see?

  • Development blogs (written)
  • (Live) AMA’s (also written)
  • Vlogs on YouTube
  • Livestreams via Twitch / YT Gaming
  • Other… (leave suggestions in this thread)

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Ask Hidden Monster Games!

In the meantime, we’d like to hear from you and answer your questions! Have a question for the developers? Leave it down below and we might answer it in a written dev update in the coming days. ^^


Well I would like livestreams but i would also be great if you write it like on the forum for example


Vlogs are fun, but we don’t want to distract you from what really matters!


I voted for development blogs but Vlogs is also fine, thanks.

I profit to take my question another time: Will you do something for speed burst? I mean, the many comments you had on increasing the fastness by using several speed burst in a row. Like it used to be for example or in a different way but not letting it as it is at the moment. Thanks for the answer.


I think a good compromise would be a development blog or vlog paired with an AMA.
So the most questions get already answered by the blog/vlog and any left over ones in a quick AMA proportionally to the amount of relevant questions.

Like @wolfsshadow asked his question already at multiple occasions and is still hoping for an answer and an AMA would solve that.


What is an AMA? (ty for noticing I asked it a million times hh)


AMA stands for Ask Me Anything.

Like the devs take 30 mins or so at a planned time and date to answer every question they get asked, quite simple but I’m a fan of that.


Oh ok nice idea! I just hope devs are not like our politicians, else our questions will remain unresolved :stuck_out_tongue:


Our team will come back to you to answer that.
~ Mark


Look at Factorio Friday Facts. This is the correct format.