Dev Blog 18 | The return of ads


Hello everyone! :wave:

As you all know, we’ve added cosmetics and a Battle Pass a while ago in order to bring in some income from the game while providing players with fun items to customize their ships and curves. The truth is that, currently, it’s not enough. If we want to be able to sustain the game, we have to, once again, tap into the consistent income that ads provide.

Also, as I mentioned in a past post, having ads in Curve Fever Pro will help us with expenses such as servers and allows us to keep improving the game for you guys for many years to come.

We learned a lot about last time we implemented ads and so this time around we aim to improve the overall experience as much as possible.

Based on the feedback we received in the past, we will only show ads in downtimes, when you are not in a match. We also added a time limit so that you only see several ads per hour and the ads will be filtered so they have a duration of maximum 25 seconds long.

As before you can skip an ad for 5 gems, or purchase a VIP membership for €4.99.

The Curve Fever Pro VIP membership will include:

  • Instantly skips all ads :no_entry_sign: ADS :no_entry_sign:
  • VIP Star icon next to your username :star:
  • Support the developers :heart:
  • €4.99 for 1 month (or equivalent in local currency)
  • No recurring payment

The update will go live sometime this week.

We do hope to offer a better experience this time around while also bring in some revenue that will allow us to continue making great improvements to the game! :heart:


what about joining steam,would the game sustain itself if you do?,paying a monthly fee also helps though


Have no problem with Ads. Will still play as long as they don’t detract from the game itself :slight_smile:


Plus ads lasts less than other mobile games(at least for me)and some others’games ads are very annoying


I think this stats will light up a little bit the decisions of the devs for the player community.

If the stats are close to reality than you can see that going on steam is the last chance to bring the cfpro ship to any kind of safe harbour. Because right now the course is straight up to ship graveyard.

I hope the additional steam income will be enough, but is it really true that steam eats 25-30% of the game revenue?!? If so than its INSANE :crazy_face::moneybag:

I wish you good luck and much success.