Dev Blog 17 | FFA back in Quick Play


Hello everyone! Happy Friday!:wave:t2::partying_face:

As you all probably already know, this past couple of weeks we’ve been testing out a new game mode: Teams in Quick Play. We’ve had a lot of great feedback and we feel like, together with your help, we came up with a really cool and fun version of a teams’ game mode!

However, the stats so far tell us that FFA performed better across the board as the main game mode for Quick Play. This, combined with your feedback, lead to the decision to bring back FFA as the main game mode in Quick Play.
You can expect the update to go live sometime next week. Everything from matchmaking to power balancing will revert to how it was in the FFA version before we introduced Teams.

What will happen to the Teams game mode? We’re not planning to add it Customs just yet, the UI alone would be a lot of work not to mention all the bug fixing. But, we do want to come back to Teams once we’ve grown our user base some more. Then we will be in a better position to make a good decision.

Thank you for coming on this journey and for helping us shape an awesome game even if it sometimes requires taking a step back! :heart:

What’s next for us? We’ll continue growing the game, as well as improving it through ongoing bug fixing, performance improvements, and exciting new features!

Hope you all have a fun weekend!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 17-09-2019 | 1.9.8


Rojoss säd


awh @Rojoss you did a great job!


Huh, I have come back for team mode and it was much better for me, just more interesting and more community involving. I don’t know if I will like FFA so much as TEAM mode, but will try if stats say so…

Rojoss, great job, because if team mode was your idea and job, u are my reason of come back here :wink:


Nice! I liked teams mode, but FFA is great!

I can only wait until there are both modes. That would be godly!


Aww I loved the idea of Teams, shame it can’t be played any more :frowning:


No worry. It will comeback just wait for bug fixes and some reworks :wink:



Me and my friends enjoyed Teams very much ! I hope this will come back !


Please bring back the team mode in Quick play :((( It was much more fun than solo mode


Hi. So sad, you removed Team games. This type of game is much more fun than FFA. I think you could offer both modes (nevermind that Team mode is only beta version) and everyone can choose which mode he/she prefers. I hope you will think out this suggestion. Thank you. Your Freddy :slight_smile:


Haha thanks but that’s too much credit. :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m just one of the programmers almost everything we do is a team effort. :muscle:


You have made a too big rollback.
I mean, ok FFA is back, true, but lags are back too!!
Please rollback this rollback then rollback better.


Okay man, so thank u all for everything u did! <3