Dev Blog 16 | Upcoming Teams Reworks


Hello again awesome people! :wave:t2:

First of all, thank you for the outpour of feedback and bug reports you all left us. It has been and continues to be immensely helpful to us!:heart::hugs:

I wanted to make this second dev blog concerning teams to let everyone know what we’re working on and what we are trying to achieve.

So far the new game mode has been well received by most of you, but there are still improvements to be made and some existing bugs to be handled. Overall we’d like the game to have more build-up and excitement as well as clarity. As such, we plan to test out a couple of iterations to the current Teams mode over the course of this week:

  • The first one will be closer in style to the FFA mode. You can only destroy the opponents’ core when you have at least 400 points. The cores will have a white border around them. That border will open once someone on the opposing team reaches the minimum requirement of points. When the core is exposed, the player that has 400 or more points can go and attempt to destroy the core. If they lose the points in the process, the core will be once more protected by the border.

    In this rework, players will start with 100 points each and will win 50 survival points if they outlive everyone on the enemy team.

    The focus on in this game mode will be on gathering enough points to destroy the core in one go. You have to hunt the other players to get the points, while also staying safe from incoming attacks. This allows for some very intense moments as you fully focus on the players that have enough points to destroy the core. If you don’t like to be hunted, you can still contribute by donating points to your teammates, survival, and defense.

  • The second variation to Teams will maintain the initial rules of the game mode, however, there will be changes to the drop zone surrounding the core.

    There will be a barrier surrounding the core and the drop zone with 2 holes in it so that only one player can have access to the dropoff zone. Players will not be able to jump over the barrier or expand the holes with mines. However, the dropoff zone can expand over the barrier if someone on the enemy team has enough points.

    In short, the dropoff zone of your core will grow proportional to the highest score of any of the alive players on the enemy team. You can easily defend the core at the start, but later on, it will become more complex.

With both of these iterations, there will be some universal changes such as a team chat (this will also fix the issue with not being able to chat with your team at the end of a game), improved matchmaking, better onboarding for new players, how to deal with players that leave, etc.

Please keep in mind that we’re still experimenting with the Teams update. This means that the gameplay changes will not be set in stone. For the time being, we’re still tweaking and improving the rules and flow of the game so let us know what and why you like/dislike after each new update.

In the meantime, I’ll let you know as soon as we come up with any other new ideas for Teams besides the ones I mentioned above.

I’ll catch you in the next one! (or in the comment section) :wave:t2:

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 02-09-2019 | 1.9.3 | Teams Rework no.1

Quick feedback from my side:

First up, it is very good that you guys rotate through a couple of different teammodes until you find one that is good.

The first teammode we had was imo far more challenging, and more of a team effort was needed to both, defend and attack.

With the current mode you can basically play ffa and give all points to the best player and pretty much win easily in max 3 rounds! It is for sure more ffa like, but far from more exiting! So far most of the feedback I have seen from other players was rather negativ as well.

Exited to try out the mixed version.


Not keen at all on this gamemode as there is no continuity to it. It’s even more random than ffa as at least in ffa you can survive in any direction to get to the 250 point mark whereas in this mode you have to attack and directly face the targeting of 3 different players.

I personally loved the first gamemode as it meant you always had a chance to come back since it becomes harder to score when the core area is smaller, but you could also store points along the way.

I’d have loved to try this 400 point mode with first to 1000, less points stolen and more survival points AND no core to deposit into, just get 1000 sum as team. The core idea for me is nice but also limiting.


Original version of team mode was far more fun, although everyone seems to want FFA back on the main screen, i haven’t spoken to anyone that disagrees with that.

The 400 points version of team mode is nowhere near as urgent.

Also the rewards system is unfair in team mode- it’s random chance how good your team mates are, if you have 2 bad team mates, or one leaves- you will more than likely lose a match. Crates should only be able to be earned in FFA, which should be an option on the main screen. And team mode could be another option, with the variations of it also options.

If you wanted to, you could add a ‘random’ option, which would place players in any variation, FFA/various team versions. In fact, a tournament style knock out game which ends in a team mode would be tons of fun, the two bottom players in FFA being matched with the winner in a team and playing the original team mode. Mixing the modes could be an option that solves all matters of taste.


So I personally prefer Teams to FFA as a gamemode, but I think that teams is more suited to custom matches than FFA. But they need a large playerbase in order to test the teams mode so it makes sense that Teams is the quickplay mode.


For now at least, it would most likely be better to move it to costums once a suited version of teams is found!


↑ from Thor aka Alpha/Python etc. in discord as feedback in case you want all feedback in 1 space.


↑ from Svo in discord


After playing a couple of games in this new team mode, I personally prefer the old one more. The old team mode made the game more exciting, teams were able to comeback from having bare minimum points left in their core. IMO that was what made the old team mode fun! Teams having to work as a team to secure the victory rather than going FFA mode and winning by getting the donations. This new team mode is rather boring and easy. I played in a game where we won in less than a minute in just 2 rounds. Like, come on… I understand you guys are experimenting with different modes but this mode just doesn’t require the same team play action as the last one did. Team mode should focus on having the teammates work together to win, ya feel?


Adding my voice to the above ones. This is a great idea to do these experiments which might allow to find some better gameplay, and if you one day decide you have time for conducting 10 more experiments I’ll happily try 10 more versions. But for this first experiment the outcome is strictly negative.

Waiting for the 2nd experiment, which in my head I’m predicting will also turn out inferior to the “Old Teams” - or at least inferior to the “Old Teams with some future tweaks to mitigate the negative impact from leavers” - but is definitely an interesting enough idea to be worth trying how it truly turns out! :slight_smile: