Dev Blog 16.1 | Upcoming Teams Reworks - Some Further Updates


I’m back with some updates on Teams and what we plan to do with this game mode.

We’ve processed all the feedback coming in from all of you, as well as the information we’ve seen from our stats. Pretty much all this data showed us that the original version we put live outperformed all the reworks we tested. Pro players seemed to like both the original and the 3rd version, however, new users did not like the complexity of the 3rd version and greatly favored the original.

This led us to the decision to revert to the first version of Teams: no more barriers surrounding the cores, drop zones will get smaller the fewer points it has, you can always drop points to damage the enemy core, and the area surrounding your teams’ core will be once more the donation zone. The core also got a small revamp and now has different health states:

  • Pristine;
  • No shine;
  • Cracked and smoking.

We feel like this makes the game look a lot cleaner art-wise.

Survival points will stay as they were in later reworks: 100 points for each opponent you outlive.

Stealing will go back to the way it initially was and there will no longer have a limit on max steals. But we nerfed both Speed and Speedy fever by increasing their cooldowns.

As I mentioned in the previous Dev Blog, most of the detail work we did in previous reworks such as team colors, crosshair indicators for opponents, team chat, etc. will stay on despite us reverting to the original teams’ gameplay.

Upcoming tweaks: We’d like to add some replays of major events after each round so that players can feel more emotionally connected to events in the game they might have missed. These would be a set number of short replays for something like many points stolen in one go by a player or someone donating just as their teammates enter the drop zone of the enemy core. We’d really like to see if highlighting moments like these will help improve the dynamic of teams, as well as, better explain the game for newer users.


Great update (but to make it very clear: I find it a wonderful idea that you gave us those two weeks of experimenting despite that the result turned out to be that the first version had been preferable, if you have a new idea in the future let’s test it too!). I like all the changes except that I think Donation zones being separate from the core could’ve been qualified into minor reworks to “stay on despite us reverting to the original teams’ gameplay.” category.

I like this!

I think this should be based on XP level too, like the algorithm which ranks the situations choosing replays could e.g. favor steals by a level 5 player even if they stole less than the lvl 40 player. Or if a level 5 player finally finds a way to deliver their 100 points into the enemy core then it’s probably a better event to highlight than a pro player delivering their 200 points. Or if there was nothing particularly interesting in the round, it could even show a single cutoff made by a newbie in the lack of better events (I hope you have this code somewhere which defines what a “cut-off” is from very old times when there were points for a cut-off, so you can simply use it. How far ago it must’ve been! :open_mouth:), while for a pro it could be e.g. that only if a single player cuts two players in a single round then it’s spectacular enough to be highlighted.

Not to overdo this into highlighting useless situations just because the player is a newbie, of course, but if someone on an XP lvl much below the match’s average XP level does something actually useful, it’ll be a very high social value to highlight it so they feel like their play isn’t actually totally useless despite having been matched with the better players (and so that the others can write them a “nice one” even if not totally sincere :wink: ), and hence decreasing their will to leave because of feeling like they bring no value to the play.

Conversely, if a level X steals some points from level Y, then probably this replay should get a coefficient correlated both with Y and with 1/X at the same time, so that if X is high level and Y is low level, such a steal would receive high priority in the highlights only if the stolen sum is so spectacular to “win” despite these coefficients. Cause otherwise, it’s neither a great achievement objectively that a lvl 40 stole some large amount from lvl 5 (stealing from newbies is very easy - it’s of course what a GM should do when they see a newbie, but it’s not an achievement when they succeed), nor it brings any social value (the lvl 40 player won’t feel any larger-than-usual pride from this relay, while lvl 5 will feel ashamed that they lost so many points). Cause this is also the risk in replays, if there’s too many replays like stealing points, then the victims of this steal won’t feel that great being in the spotlight: for a high level player it’s not a problem as they’ll have their great highlights to remedy this, but if a low level player is constantly featured in multiple highlights in the negative role, this might turn out conterproductive with respect to discouraging people from leaving.


Yo! wtf is up with the cool down on speedy and speed though? Ya sure nerf it but not to the point where it’s almost unplayable with… damn…


@Youu I feel for you mate I miss my mine as it is my style to get in and out of close quarter situations with it but now I have to use it sparingly. Same problem for jump users. However I get why these modules aren’t practical for this game mode.

I have a solution…


What about jump, mine and speed pickups? Or perhaps you can collect a boost to replenish your module?

I also had another idea which I feel really strongly needs to be in the game…

Lets have team chat commands like in rocket league? Commands like “attacking” “defending” “donate” etc could be assigned to numbers like the emotes are. This will allow players to communicate with their left hand while playing.

Super happy about the update to team mode, I preferred the 1st and 3rd versions too. Thanks guys!


I agree with @Youu the nerf on speed and speedy was probably a bit too much :stuck_out_tongue: after 12 seconds the field is pretty full already against good players!


Actually, that could help also for those who doesn’t read the chat.


We don’t want to disable any powers for the Quick Play mode because it would be unfair for players who just unlocked their jump (for example) to not be able to use it. Adding them as pickups seems a lot more luck based and chaotic. But we plan to experiment something with pickups internally and see if we like it or if it’s too much.
Introducing something new like a boost would overcomplicate the game and it will most likely negatively impact new players.

We do want to test out some quick commands as you suggested. We have some ideas but it might take some time to release that feature depending on how fast we can implement and test them internally (they might require tweaking and as always they might unleash unexpected bugs upon us).

@takisobiedebil That’s a very cool remark on highlights, thank you for suggesting that.
Honestly, it’s still early to say anything final on how we’ll select events to highlight because we still have to test out the ideas we settled on. But most likely the initial version will have a simple sorting process and will display more “obviously” cool events and we’ll improve on it from there if it’s a well-received feature.


Yes, I also find this to be a problem, maybe this could be fixed if (for all powers) the 1st cooldown at the beginning of the round is half of the nominal cooldown? 12 seconds between two usages of speed is maybe not that excessive, but 12 seconds at the beginning of the round is not good. I think the same goes for several other long-cooldown powers.

Sounds good, once there is the 1st ranking algorithms it’ll be super easy to tweak it by adding some coefficients etc. In such case in the initial version I would only suggest you initially don’t include too many steals as “obviously cool events” (favoring e.g. more cutoffs, donations, delivering points to the base) because steals have the highest risk that (if there are no tweaks based on XP level) then new players will hate the highlights as they’ll feel like they are the ones being put on the spotlight for losing the team’s points.


That would be sick for shots and stuff… spamming all over :joy:



I completely understand that :slight_smile: Just to be clear though I imagined the pickups would be additional to the existing module replenish. E.g. You would still have your module at 12 seconds but could maybe pickup a jump or speed that reduces their replenish time temporarily or grants them instant access to use it freely.

Or… (minds running wild now! xD) what about an end game scenario like raining an airstrike down the center of the field clearing the way to the opponents core if you were able to complete a mini easter egg like collecting a couple of items and returning them to base. Both teams could have the same chance to do this but it wouldn’t be something that couldn’t be spammed or done quickly by just one person.

With regards to the team chat commands I imagined they would just be normal text entries into the chat saving you time trying to type the very common words that people type during play but having an icon or something popup by the players ship could be another way of doing it if people don’t read the chat @theangelov

I love the highlights ideas @takisobiedebil <3