Dev Blog 15 | New Gamemode | Ranked 3v3 Teams


The main problem of this gamemode is currently the skins.
Really, when someone has custom skin like almost every GM I am totally lost and I sometimes attack allies x) and its not only me, my allies often do too
Wouldn’t it be easier to give the same skin to every one in the team (like by doing a random on the active skin of the three players in the team or another visual property)

But I really like this new gamemode, really addictive. I’m looking forward to being able to create clans :stuck_out_tongue: Because yeah this gamemode requires much more strategy than before. And it’s impossible to create strats with random players which is frustrating.

Hats off to the team.


Maybe there should be an allie indicator above each teammate and an enemy one for the other team


@Leaf @takisobiedebil
Thank you for the feedback, we’re working as we speak on a solution for the custom skins. We like the idea to split the skins into cool/hot based on main color but that migh be confusing for new players since they might not make the connection. So we will try something more obvious first.

As for the % of points stolen, the stats are not yet in the game but for the Team mode stealing is 4 to 5 times more potent. We’ll probably update the numbers in game after we’re done with the more pressing bug fixes and itterations we have planned.


Suggestion for the future since you guys are currently working on bugs and fine tuning but there’s a lot of possibilities with this crystal concept, have a small moving/teleporting crystal that both teams try and steal from or ctf style team mode or multiple small crystals. I’d like to see those game modes as more of a fun-centered arcade style of play


I have a solution for the players who are afk: [NOT for the people who leave!]

At the beginning of every round you could align all Curves to their own base/ crystal.
So if they don’t adjust it they will drive to their own base and the points get donated to the team.
So the points don’t “die” with the person who is afk.


I think this works really well, and is very fun, so good job devs. Essentially bug free too in my experience so far.

Some minor thoughts though:

  1. I was in a game where the opposition all suicided each time before we got to their crystal. So we had like 1000 points each, but it was literally impossible for us to cache them in…I think that needs fixing
  2. I think putting a lines directly in front of your crystal is potentially OP when people get good at it. Though it hasn’t caused issues for me yet
  3. I think it’d be kinda good if at the end of a game (round?) it gave you a break down of how many points each player gained/donated/cashed in. Just to add a bit of individual competitiveness too.
  4. I’d have thought the amount of points you cache in etc. should appear bottom right with the stolen points? Maybe not. But I miss what happened quite a lot
  5. I found that the “team blah survived” banner stayed up and blocked my view when changing browser tabs.
  6. I don’t think many people would agree tbh, but I think 2 teams of 2 would be funner (maybe you’ve tried and found that not the case). But it feels cramped to me, and i guess it would speed up matchmaking
  7. I worry a bit about people being able to stay in teams. Couldn’t 3 of the best players all choose to stay together and make them unbeatable compared to random teams?
  8. Personally I found identifying teammates/enemy hard at a glance. Like if I’m throwing a fever and see a player out the corner of my eye, so something to make their colour stand out better (especially when they have custom skins)

Also just generally (probably not the right thread for this but while I’m at it), I like stats in games, because I’m a nerd like that, and I’d love if we had like “players who have played the most games”, “players with the best win ratio” etc etc, kinda stats. Or even graphs of our progress over time if I was really pushing it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It reminds me yesterday. I was with 2 noobs who left at the second and third round against an average team.
We did like 30 rounds. At the beginning I tried to survive to gain points but at a moment they had too many points that if only one player entered in my area they would win. So I just used my speedy to rush to their base. Depending their defense, either I attacked their base or I crushed before they had time to enter my area. So that was impossible for them to attack.
And they lost once one of the three ragequited.

I don’t agree indeed :smiley:
I agree on all the other points. :slight_smile:


Ok, so here is why I strongly dislike this new gamemode: I don’t like this new team mode because it is not nearly as exciting as the constantly changing, FFA mode. In FFA, the game can change very fast with just one point steal, while in the new team mode, if your base is at least 100 points below the other team’s base, than it’s pretty much Gameover already. Because of this, many people quite mid-game because they already know they are going to lose.


Loving the team mode. Matchmaking will need a bit of thought - but then, when does it not?

One thing which no one else has mentioned: I find it a bit callous that you can’t say congratulations to the other team on a hard fought battle, whether you win or lose. Can that be changed? I like the community aspect of praising a team, or apologising for a bit of good fortune.


Yeah this is basically because of lack of time.
We had team chat planned but didn’t make it in time for the release.

Currently implementing team chat which will also fix that issue.
You can continue chatting with team mates after game till they change team or leave.
And you can continue chatting with opponents till they find new opponents.

With the current chat it’s not really possible because after the match ends both teams are split up again in two different groups.

Time after match to say gg to opponents

Please make hot always on the right/left side. When it switches every game it makes it super hard to figure out whose team is whose. This is a big reason why people are confused about which team is which, I think


yea, this is even more confusing with skins


That is not really true :joy: once my team was behind like 50 to 750 :joy: and we still managed to win! You can never be far enough in front in this mode it can change so quickly! Also you can still play ffa in costums!


O no


I’ve played it only for quickplay FFA. Thanks for ruining it.