Dev Blog 13 | Update on Ads | VIP Membership


Hello lovely people! :sun_with_face:

I wanted to follow up on the “Ads in CFpro” dev blog with how we are going to try and improve the process of showing ads.

We want to give players the option not to deal with ads at all. I’ve seen a lot of you mentioned you’d prefer to have a long term skip rather than having to skip every game. Therefore we will be introducing the VIP membership. What are the perks of this VIP?

Curve Fever Pro VIP:

  • Instantly skips all ads for you and everyone in your game :no_entry_sign: ADS :no_entry_sign:
  • VIP Star icon next to your username :star:
  • Revel in the adoration of everyone you play with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • Support the creators :heart:
  • 4.99 euros for 1 month (or equivalent in local currency)
  • No recurring payment

Everyone in your game who has a VIP will be highlighted in a thank you message at the beginning of the round, they will have the heart particles for the first round plus other players will be able to thank them by pressing space.

We will also work some more on improving the way we all can celebrate the players that skip. Things like automatic “Thank you” messages, better animations/effects for the hearts and some more small things that create a nice experience for everyone.

All of this will be coming up soon, so stay tuned in-game and on our Discord so you don’t miss any new updates! :wink:

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 16-05-2019 | 1.7.5 | VIP

Sounds good. It would be cool if it could be combined with the battlepass :stuck_out_tongue:


Great this see this happen! I guess many people having been waiting for this. Especially keeping the CF2 premium idea in the back of our mind. As Line mentioned, maybe some integration with the battlepass or a possible % off when buying items? (from battlepass)


A suggestion: Custom Game rooms hosted by VIP are displayed at the top for the possibility of filling up faster?

Edit: Top of the Custom Game List


Great! Now I would have to pay for battle passes and VIP for all my accounts to play the game exactly the same way I was two weeks ago! Love all these recent changes.


You don’t have to buy anything :joy: and the battlepass didn’t change a thing on how to play the game tbh. Also ads are not too bad. You can finally talk to some people and make friends… before the ads everyone was just playing :joy:


Yeah, I know lol, I was using sarcasm to try and make a joke that missed its mark. That that’s how they expect players to react to this repackaging of something we as players already had two weeks ago, but now behind a pay wall. “I was already buying battle passes to support the game, but now I’ll have to pay even more to play the game the way I had already been playing it, how amazing,” since the way they have this plastered on the home page for the game makes it seem like the players should be happy or excited about this. :joy:


Maybe they will connect it to the new battle pass as I said :stuck_out_tongue: like a combo deal or something would be sick idk maybe both for like 600 gems or so idk how much that is :joy:


Brilliant, first you introduce ads to make a quick buck from people by having us waste 30 seconds of our time each game watching tepid soulless adverts and then you introduce a “solution” by making us pay money to get back to the game state we had initially. What’s your next big game “innovation”, 5 minute ads inbetween games and we can pay you 10 dollars a month to get rid of that? What’s worse is this update has broken the game again as I can’t see what powerups people are running. Instead of innovating and introducing quality content (some new aesthetic skins or power ups or fixing lag issues might have been nice) to draw new players you’ve hamstringed the game and are watering it down into a pay2play subscription model through squeezing your existing player-base.


It is nowhere near pay2play :joy: you can play without paying as much as you want. Also new skins are coming soon and you now being able to see others modules can be changed in the settings of the game (maybe it switched automatically)


When’s the next battle pass coming through @Line? Is it going to be right after the first one?


These are the exact same reactions as when they introduced membership in CF2.
Yet, people got used to it because it’s a way to help the developers doing their jobs and tbh I don’t mind waiting 20 extra seconds to play a game we all really like.

Not to mention that as soon as someone payed the membership, everyone that plays with him won’t have ads for the game, so it’s pretty nice.


I think there will be one or 2 days off and then the new one will be live. At least that is what I heard (pls lord don’t let me be wrong) :joy:


Hmm. If it’s going to be back to back thats kinda boring and from what i’ve seen they barely did any work with the starting two skins… made poo into pineapple and joker into less colored ‘candy’ :confused: meh not looking forward to it


Ofc you do this after i spent all my $$$ on gems;)