Dev Blog 12 | Battle Pass Update | New Social Features


Hello everyone! :wave:

I have some cool stuff to share with everyone so get ready for some hype! :dancer:t2:

Since there have been some questions on this topic, I’ll start this with some updates on the next season for the Battle Pass. A big chunk of the rewards for Season 2 are ready, but we still have to finish work on 2 skins and implement some way of accessing the content from the previous season. Because of this, and some of the major features we’re currently working on, we’ve decided to extend Battle Pass Season 1 for one more month.

This also means that there is some more time for those of you who are yet to unlock the Vampire skin :wink: .

What are these features that are causing us to postpone the next BP season? - you might be wondering. Well, I have a feeling that you’ll like what I’m about to announce. In upcoming weeks we’ll focus more on the social aspect of the game - this means that in the next major update you can expect to see:

Friends list

Yes! You are reading this correctly! We are adding a friends list feature to Curve Fever Pro. You will be able to search for other players using their username and add them as friends, as well as see any pending friend requests and accept, or reject them. Once you add others to your list of friends, you can see if they are online or not. If they are online, there are several interactions available:
  • Spectate their match :eyes:

  • Join them to play together :busts_in_silhouette:

  • Chat with them :speech_balloon:

This system will be a part of the chat window, and the chat itself will be upgraded to incorporate all the new features:

  • The chat window will be available on all pages (menu/ in-game/ shop/ power library etc.)

  • You can continue chatting after leaving a game until you join a new game

  • You will be able to chat in private with other friends

  • We have replaced quickplay chat with global chat, however, new accounts need to play at least 10 games until they can access global chat.

  • Access to chat anywhere in-game -> you can switch between global chat, private messages from players and the in-game chat if you are in a match (room chat if in customs)

Persistent groups

Some of our design pillars are to make a very ‘accessible’ game, as well as a very ‘social’ game. To make the game more social, we are adding friends. However, when do you want to become a friend with a stranger on the internet? There are many different things that contribute to that. Most importantly though, friendship cannot happen if you don’t meet each other often! This seems straightforward, but in many games, including our game, we have built strong barriers to simply being together. In our current Quickplay implementation, we force you to play with a new set of players after every match, even if you really enjoyed playing with the players from the last match.

We have an alternative to this, and that is Custom Games. Custom games allow you to play with the same players over and over. However, in custom games you have a hassle with hosts, waiting for players, finding the right settings, etc. It doesn’t fulfil our other design pillar of accessibility.

To combat this we introduce persistent groups. Persistent groups allow you to play your next match with the same players again, while also keeping the possibility to just play with strangers. All this while matchmaking quickly finds you opponents and lightly nudges players to ready up, so that no player has to wait long for their next match.

By introducing persistent groups we will:

  • Give power to the player to choose if they’d like to play with the same opponents again or change opponents

  • Lay a foundation for players to have shared experiences

  • Allow players to develop relationships with each other

  • Keep the game very accessible and get you in your next match super quick

We are looking forward to rolling out these features in the upcoming weeks and be one step closer to our goal of creating a social game. :partying_face:

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic week! :black_heart:

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 23-04-2019 | 1.6.18 | battlepass season 2
Dev Blog 14 | Progress on Persistent Groups | Upcoming Updates

oh yeah yeah


I remember way back in November, Jos said that he wont add friend list until he fixed homing bug. Yall also said that you would never fix homing bug. Does this mean that the iconic homing bug is finally patched?

I would post screenshots,but I got a new laptop…sooo


I have been using homing a lot lately and it didnt happen to me.

Cool update I am hyped for it :heart_eyes:


I remenber in april when Geert told me They woukd add friend list soon…
You seriously have a problem with your agenda lol… 1 YEAR xD


You’re just lucky with homing then! Believe me it will come to you as 2 bugged shots in last round at some point :joy:


Wait when is the update… Or is it already live?


It could be live May 17th depending on where you live.


I live in California u.s so…


same lololololololol


Yo southern California?


But yeah apparently the update isn’t live for us sourthern Californians


:woozy_face: Just a suggestion, I think there should be a reward in exchange for the extra battle points people already have earned and will earn in the next month. It’s great that people who haven’t completed the battle pass will get the opportunity to finish it, but for the people who have already completed the BP, the only thing to look forward is earning the extra BP points which as far as I know, has no meaning whatsoever. Since XP is not granted, you only earn rank through games and quite frankly, that gets boring when you gain +1 rank for winning and -8 for getting 2nd place.


why you lie


why u bully me… its the 19th no update yet


There is no release date planned yet for the updates. It will be between now and 2 months.


I can only say… WoW
An amazing update is coming, I’ve waited a long time for it.


(sounds like we might need to wait a bit more lol)


wait a bit more for friend’s list and chat, spectate options? Worth it :wink:


Wait the battle pass hasn’t been moved to a month yet also