Dev Blog 12 | Ads in Curve Fever Pro


Hello everyone! :wave:t2:

As you all know we’ve always wanted to keep Curve Fever Pro ad-free and we have been trying to find other means to monetize the game. However, it turns out that if we want to be able to sustain the game, we do need to tap into the consistent income that ads provide. We had some time to think things through, and we concluded that having ads in Curve Fever Pro will help us with expenses such as servers and allows us to keep improving the game for you guys for many years to come.

Why ads? Well, we’ve seen the idea suggested here on the forum by some of you and the responses were quite positive. As such we want to give it a go and experiment a bit to see what works and what doesn’t. The ad will appear after a match is found, however, it will only cover the field so that the chat will still be active for players to interact with each other.

We do realise that not everyone has the time or patience for an ad so we want to give players the option to skip it if they wish to do so for a set amount of gems. The fun part about the skip option is that if any of the players in the match skips the add, it is skipped for everyone in that game. You can thank that person by pressing the space bar. They will also be celebrated by having heart particles blowing out of their ship for the first round.

We are going to release an update sometime this week (most likely tomorrow, the 8th of May) in which we want to test run how showing ads before a match will work for our game. Hopefully, we will be able to keep our players engaged and earn enough ad revenue to keep making great improvements to the game! :black_heart:

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 08-05-2019 | 1.7.2 | ads
Ad Poll I just want to know
Ad Poll I just want to know

Ads are not too bad … but before every game kinda sucks tbh :joy:

Hope they are not too long. What about after opening crates? Or after getting to a new lvl of XP or the a new lvl in the battle pass? At least like that there would be a max amount of ads you have to watch during the day. I just think the matches themselves should not be touched in any way or form.

Another thing that could be possible would be a banner, somewhere which is constantly there but will let you play without any interruptions.


I’d rather spend an x amount of money/gems a moth to have an ad free game instead of paying for every played game. I’m okay with ads, just not every game :joy:


Well, actually, there is a spot for an add. Under the score board / on the top of the chat while in match.


Also, I’ve got an idea for winning a small amount of gems from the rude players. When someone type something offensive in chat and someone report this someone. They could receive 5 gems from the rude person. And if the person who has been rude doesn’t have 5 gems. They are just banned.


Well I saw their ads on my TV
Go play Curve Fever Pro baby!


My idea is to add adds directly on board. They would be shown (and clickable) in full color 2-3 second before every match, but then they would become tranparent. They would be directly on board in each moment, but still they would be enough tranparent so that they would not affect the game. It should look something like bubbles that already apear in right down corner of board.


Even the rainbow people compromised on pricinples for the profits!
hEil George Soros!


lol and also lets have coca cola and nike amd trojan and durex skins instead of jus candy and poop and whateva


nice late april fools joke


Yeah I don’t think ads before every game are going to be appreciated by many people. I’m fine with ads before crate openings (4 ads per day for active players) or whatever but at the start of the game I don’t want to get additional laggs which advertisement will inevitably bring with them.

Well, like anja said, I would rather pay one time a month than for every single game. The system you propose now makes me think too much of the energy-days. Paying per game was crazy, so is watching ads. In my opinion it’s certainly not the way to keep people active, on the contrary, you’ll basically “punish” them (compared to no-ads, like it is now) for playing more games?

General message, it’s nice that you want to implement ads, and most of the players will understand why additional funding is necessary. However, don’t overdo it, at least not in a testing stage to see if it’s a good way to generate revenue. As @Line suggested, I would start with ads with crate openings, and see what that does. I would leave games untouched for above mentioned reasons.


This kinda sucks :frowning:, I don’t like ads but if the game has to continue so be it. GO CFP!!!


lol yeah definetly
i made a new account after they removed energy because i raged about all my lost gems


maybe ads could just show up for everyone except whoever gets first in that game.


yeah good idea


I don’t know how I feel about this, but I’d rather just be neutral about it, I don’t really care too much, everyone has dealt with ads before, and so have I.


ads should be voluntary, the players who watch ads get x amount of gems if they switch ads on, and the players who dont watch ads dont get gems/ maybe have to donate gems to players


I was thinking about ad skins… That are like a pepsi skin or coke skin


so the devs let me see what some of the ads will look like in the game, and they are actually good!


like if you click on an ad multiple times you get a skin

that would be too easy to get though