Dev Blog 11 | Experimenting with Gameplay in Custom Rooms


Hello everyone!:wave: A lot of exciting things have been happening here at the HMG studio since the last Dev Blog: new trailer is out, game-play got tested, a lot of improvements were made to replays and the rejoin functionality.

During all those updates and testing we were all asking ourselves: “What would our current players think of this idea for a game mode?” - so we decided to find out!

Long story short - Over the course of one week you will be able to choose between 3 game modes in custom rooms and test them out:

  • Normal mode → Play with all your unlocked powers. This is the current game mode in both Quick Play and customs. To win a match you have to reach a set amount of points by surviving and stealing points using your powers.

  • Pickup mode → Pickups are spawned on the field. Fevers are disabled for this mode - pickups are colour coded as well as have different shapes to indicate who they affect:

                      1. green   item-self → affects the player who picks it up
                      2. orange item-all → affects everyone except the one who picks it up
                      3. blue      item-others → affects everyone
    Because pickups and fevers look too similar, we have decided to disable fevers for this game mode.

  • Survival mode → Only points for survival. Powers that steal points are disabled for this mode. Experience the fundamental element of Curve Fever - survival - and see if you can find the best tactic to outlive your opponents and win without the added advantage of offensive powers.

When creating a new custom room you will have the option to choose a game mode. In an existing room, the host will also be able to choose between the 3 game modes. Once a mode is chosen everyone in the room will be notified about the change. Equipped powers that are disabled in the selected game mode will be automatically unequipped.

The exact release date for this update is not yet set but we’re aiming for sometime next week. So stay tuned on the forum and in-game for the big announcement so you don’t miss out!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!:black_heart: I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and last but not least, good luck to everyone taking part in the tournament tomorrow!:crown::metal:


Sounds great, however one big issue i see in this that this would have been the ultimate opportunity to test team modes as well… sad you didn’t include that one as well


Gotta agree with Line there, kinda a missed opportunity with Teams. Otherwise, i don’t see why this wouldn’t be a good idea.


I understand that people want teams. Heck, we want teams ourselves! However, what we ultimately want to know at this point in time is what the most fun game mode is for Free For All. That is why we didn’t implement a team mode yet, as it would split our focus


I understand that scope, it’s kinda like trying to multitask growing apples and oranges. You keep your attention on your current harvest before starting the next one.

What i’m trying to say with this is feel free to take your time. It’s kinda like friend lists that this community’s people seem to have been asking for ages now.




this is a cool thing and will improve game play thanks to the devs for making this game and keeping it awesome! :grinning:


Please make it possible for the host to disable certain powers/pick ups. I like the idea of things like survival mode as well, but maybe we could have energy mode too? like where instead of cooldowns, we have to pick up energy to activate our powers. I guess number 1 would be being able to disable certain powers.


I like all these new gamemodes,since we are experiencing a big increase of people(over 120 in the current tournament for instance),this is what we are looking for,also not everyone likes the main gamestyle or they simply dont get used to cfp’s way to play,hence these upcoming fresh modes will expand to a massive public.personally i will try pick up and survival mode which fits with my classical way to see this wonderful game


Survival mode is such a good idea, gj guys




Yes,Please that will be cool for the people to play


Thank you for the work guys. Can’t wait to test these modes


they are live right now in the game! :smiley:


these are awesome
just had some intense games with my friends


I feel like in survival, there should be fevers so you can “trip” up other players


ha lol


I agree it would be interesting to have fevers but no points stolen.


If we can do things like use speed to kill others why not have fevers to have a chance to kill them

Curve Fever Pro - Beginner's guide

so what happened to the blue pickups? they seem to have fallen trough the crack and disapeared