Dev Blog 10 - Experimenting with Gameplay | Rejoining | Further Improvements to Matchmaking


Hello everyone!:hugs: This one will be a fairly long one with a lot of info so buckle up, make yourself comfortable and let’s dive right in!

We have been analysing the current gameplay of Curve Fever Pro for some time now and we realised there are still things that we want to improve (gameplay wise).

Curve Fever Pro is a game about interaction, survival and pathfinding and currently, looking closely at the game we realised that we are not fully emphasising all these qualities.

We’ll also aim to make the game more accessible to first-time users. We feel like the Curve Fever Pro core gameplay should be easy to understand on your first try, and give a good feeling to the player regardless of the outcome (win or lose).

This led to our decision to test out some more gameplay ideas - some will be complementary to the existing gameplay, some might be more different.

For now, we’re mainly testing with the first match for new users. We have already started introducing some different concepts in the last updates:

  • A smaller field - to facilitate more interactions;
  • Faster matches - the goal is 150 points instead of 250.

Next up we’re planning on bringing back something similar to the bounty game mode we tried in the past:

Points on the Field

We have seen that the survival tokens are not very well understood (people either don’t make the connection between survival and the points received, or they don’t notice them at all). We want to replace them with points on the field that spawn when a player dies. These points will spawn in an area around the crashed ship (they will also slowly move in one direction and bounce back when hitting the borders). The goal of the player is to pick up these points before anyone else → this creates a reason to interact with other players.

When a round is finished, all remaining points disappear and the winner of the round gets one extra point/cluster of points.

Hopefully, this is easier to understand for new players.


We also want to give some **Curve Fever 2 vibes** to the game and have **random pickups** spawning on the field:
  • green → they affect the player that picks them up;
  • red → affects everyone except the one who picks it up;
  • blue → affects everyone.

Pickups are easy to understand and they create a shared experience.

The pickups we will (most likely) add in the beginning are:

  • speed → green, red and blue;
  • slow → green, red and blue;
  • thick → green, red and blue;
  • mega hole (makes you ship take an extra long jump) → green.


This much-requested feature has been fixed and will be added to one of the upcoming updates. This means that if you get disconnected from a match or if you refresh the page you can simply rejoin the game you were in if the game is not over. Spectating will also be instant and you don’t need to wait for a new round to begin to see the match.


We're not really happy with how matchmaking works yet, so we’ll continue working on that. A big thank you to all who shared their matchmaking experience and feedback so far! As always it really helps us figure out what works and what doesn’t!

We’re currently looking into better algorithms that still have consistent and good speed but better quality than we have now. Hopefully, we’ll find something that works and implement it into the game in upcoming updates.


WOW, a lot of stuff there. SO back to bounty hunting i see… this will change a lot for the balancing updates as well. Different Gameplay means other powers are better or worse. And Idk about the field pick ups (thats almost like another mode imo #cf2 remastered???).

When will this actually come to the game?

Matchmaking and rejoining sounds good. <3

Will K.O. return as well? And energy on the field?



Curve Fever 2 Remastered? :open_mouth:


wow this game is getting better and better. i wonder what it’ll be like a few years from now :open_mouth: :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::exploding_head::relieved::drooling_face::money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::confounded::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::tired_face:


Well, for me this game is good as it stands now. But if you play cfp from the beginning you could expect that something like that is coming: they want to change everything completely again.


:joy: honestly I got used to it change after change and tbh there hasn’t been a big change recently so we will see… but one thing confuses me, devs allways say we need to make it simpler especially for new players --> let’s introduce new “special modules” laying on the ground … makes no sense imo


I understand they try to bring whatever they can to make new players stay. Even though I’m not sure I’m interested in new features they announced (except for better matchmaking), it’s clear that they try to bring more features for those who liked cf2 or cf3. Surviving becomes more and more important, they add “on field” modules…


well it seem to be a good update (even if i dont understand well) but there is one point i dont understand, why 150 pts to win?

  • a normal game is already pretty fast, like 3-4 min, compared to cf2 its like 3 faster, so why making it faster??

  • 150 also mean a lot of 3 rounds game, which is gonna be boring and too easy

  • i actually like when we are at round 7+ (pretty sure im not the only one) cuz there is a lot of action and if you make an error you can lose a lot, so you need to play more strategic but if its 150 game, then you can lose 15 pts max (for an average attack), which its reaally nothing, its gonna be too defensive and again, boring

  • offensive module are gonna die and everyone gonna use passive module… and you already know what its gonna look like…

if you really want to make game faster and funnier, then put 200-225 and buff every module by like 15%

best regards,


also i really like smaller field (even if its gonna be brainfucking at the start) cuz like that, the chat and the leaderboard isnt gonna be in the gamefield and we will actually be able to see something :smiley:


Just played a 10 player ffa match. Quite exciting, not only for new players :wink:


The rejoining, instant spectating and matchmaking changes are improvements for current players, new players don’t really care about them.

The idea with stuff on floor (points, pick-ups) is that a new user understands quicker he has to pick-up that thing instead of that he has to press buttons to activate an ability which might shoot something or make him jump. One issue with pickups is that it gets messy when there are also fevers/mines on the field, so we still need to find a solution for that :smiley: Overall we are pretty excited about the new changes and we think they will change the game for the better for both new and existing players.


It took me a while, but I’m just thinking about the bounty mode style survival thing. I remember in bounty mode that cutting people off often didn’t give people points because the points took I while to spread out etc.

A simpler way to make it clear how survival is important would be to simply give a: “Survival +10” sign above each player when people die. Actually integrating this into the gameplay would make scores more clear and easier to understand. At the moment the number of times I’ve been hit by a rocket while checking through all the scores to check if I can afford to sui and still win kinda sucks since the game shouldn’t be about how good you are at maths.


well, It was fun while it lasted, rip cfpro


yeah, i dont think cf2 vibes is what player are looking for (except for friend list and team mode :stuck_out_tongue: ), i dont know what you actually wanna do but i know that cfp player are looking for a curve game with more action than cf2, there is no goal to have two cf2 game.