Dev Blog 08 - Battle Pass


Curve quest maybe?


Quests like steal 200 points or win matches or play matches?


I would love quests!

Rojoss also supported the idea of quests.


If Rojoss supports it then it must be good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:


Please support free powerups :joy:


Nice update is coming devs!


:thinking: sounds pretty good (I think)

let’s grind more Fortnite battle passes


Really? Battlepass? so late??? Really?


Lol where you Come from? I thought you left the game


So, do battle points do anything if you don’t buy a battle pass?


You still level up and earn rewards from the free track of the Battle Pass (there is a free track and a purchasable track in the battle pass and you can upgrade anytime during the season)


Oh, nice! I am so glad that there is a free track! So the other tracks give better prizes?


Yeah, just like fortnite, you pay for rewards each tier, and get awarded a lot!