Dev Blog 08 - Battle Pass


Hello everyone! :wave:

I’ve recently mentioned in a comment that we are working on some new stuff that will be released sometime next week. (Hint: spoiler in the title :nerd_face:)

Yup! We’re adding a Battle Pass in Curve Fever Pro!

We fell that it will be a perfect way to combine rewarding players and introducing more goals besides rank and account level.

The system is pretty straight forward:

  • 2 tracks - a free one where everyone can earn rewards, and a premium one with a lot of exclusive rewards which you can upgrade to with gems at any time during the season.
  • A season lasts 3 months.
  • You just play to level up your Battle Pass. You earn Battle Points based on stats in your match, more specifically: stolen points, survival time, earned crate. On average you earn twice as many Battle Points for a crate game than a regular game.
  • You will earn various rewards such as brand new skins, avatars, hats, XP, Battle Points, boosts (either researchers or Battle Points boost), energy, crates (ready to be opened), gems.
  • As you can see from the previous point you will have 2 types of XP: your account level (the one with which you discover new powers) and a Battle Points which resets at the beginning of a new season (account level will not reset).
  • Once you earn a reward you just have to claim it (big yellow button) and then you will keep it forever (even after the season has ended).

Avatars are being introduced as part of the rewards in the Battle Pass as well as what we call hats. Hats = the indicator for the player with most points (currently a crown).

Naturally, there will be new skins released that are exclusive to the battle pass - basically, none of the avatars/skins/hats that are a part of the Battle Pass are sold separately in the shop.

You will be able to change your avatar and hat in the Battle Pass page.

There will be some visual updates such as the Battle Pass page where you can see your progress and rewards, a new top bar with an added button that quickly takes you to your Battle Pass (it will be next to the crates button), new popups for the rewards and Battle Points, a new end game screen which shows the XP gained/lost, the crates you won as well as the stats I mentioned before and how much Battle Points you get for each.

More information on how the Battle Pass works and the specific contents of it will be available on release.

However, the real question remains: “Will the homing missile bug be fixed this update?” :eyes:

P.S. We don’t really want to call it “Battle Pass” so if any of you has a glorious moment of inspiration (we haven’t been so fortunate), feel free to suggest another name in the comments! :sweat_smile:

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 24-01-2019 | 1.6.0 | battlepass

First reaction: xD. Maybe add battle royale to this game if you like fortnite that much?


Why not rename it “Battle XP” and call normal XP, “Ship XP” Then you have “Ship researchers” and “Battle researchers”.

Alternatively get rid of Ship XP (or at least the numbered levels) and instead bring back “veteran, expert, superstar” etc. Also instead of having a linear upgrade route for powers, you could have randomised new powers at different power levels, and also have some powers unlockable through the Battle XP route. I think in general the fewer numbers are used, the better as it means you have a title beyond just a number. At the moment noone cares if you are a lvl 30 or lvl 31, but if it was the difference between “star” and “superstar” or “legend” then people would want to rank that up more. It would also be cool if some generic skins etc were available through the Ship XP route.

Overall, this idea would mean that you have different layers of progression. Maybe you have a new player who has a low/mid level title, like “pro” or something but who has a high-tier battle xp title and you can see that they are a strong player (or 2nd account) or you have someone who has a rank but low battle XP, so you know they haven’t played for a while.




Nice new picture ivi




what else could you call a battle pass that equates to the game? ‘arena membership’ ‘curvy pass’ ‘VIP gold (non gold)’ ‘curvy level’ ‘fever pass’ ‘extreme fever(ers)’ ‘fever squad’ ‘vip curver’

I have some questions myself though…
how much will it cost per season? would it be using gems or buying it outright?

What are hats?


Cool idea, remains to be seen how much this will cost. Imo you still should be able to gain gems without paying and get a “free” “battle pass” after lots of grinding and stuff.


It was mentioned that they r the little crown you see for the leader in every round.


I dont Really get it ( too bad in english xD) can someone explain me in discord?


This might change still and might change over different seasons but it’s currently set at 400 gems.
The value in the battle pass content is worth around 50 euros.
Christmas skins were also 400 gems.
The specific details will be announced later.


It’s a new season based progression track with a bunch of unique rewards for that season.
You progress by playing the game. (stealing points, staying alive and earning crates)
You an buy the premium battle pass to get a reward each level otherwise you only get rewards at specific levels.
So each season you start from scratch again and can unlock new rewards.


We are adding more stuff/rewards to the game that you can unlock by playing. Some rewards are free, some rewards can only be claimed if you purchase a pass for the current season.

eg. You reached Battle Pass level 3 (by playing games), you then get for free an avatar and, if you have also purchased the pass for this season, you will also get a skin.


We tried to make it less confusing by not naming it XP, as we were also confused ourselves in the office while taking about this as we didn’t know when we said “XP” which XP we were referring too. We considered having a single XP bar, but the battle pass XP will be reset each season * and we still want to have an Account XP/level so you can see how experienced are others. For now we want to keep the Account XP as it’s the only way to show that a player has played more matches than another.

* Each battle pass season you start from lvl 1 and get the rewards for the levels you unlock.


Will the current energy-system be maintained or is that also going to be changed?


Energy system remains for now… quote rojoss


I like this idea :smirk: Looking forward to see it ingame!


Sounds really nice!

I think Battle Pass is a fitting name.


I like this idea too.

Curvy Pass, maybe


curvey pass sounds wrong in a way, im sorry I have I dirty mind!
Im ready for the fortnite animations that say BATTLE PASS LEVEL UP! You just earned……
great idea, free players can get stuff, while payers can get a lot!