Dev Blog 06: Why Rockets? | Current Work in Progress


Hello everyone and welcome to a new and slightly delayed development blog (better late than never hehe :sweat_smile:). I’ll do my best to touch on the last big update (1.4.0) and some of the stuff we’re working on for future updates. Therefore let us dive right in:


The idea of dead players transforming into rocket launchers is an attempt to solve an issue with players killed early in a round quitting the game while waiting for the next round to start.

The rockets are meant to be a fun thing to do while dead that will keep players engaged with the game.

We didn’t want players to purposefully die to become rocket launchers and so we put the accent on the satisfaction you get when hitting your target rather than on stealing points.

As SojaBird very wisely mentions on a different thread:

“When designing and testing the turrets we did understand the “unfair” advantage that you could only steal and not lose points while being dead.

To ensure this wouldn’t create an unfair advantage we made them difficult to control and only steal very little points (2% base attack, which is then lowered by the defence).

Maybe there are other/better solutions out there but for now, we’ll just see how the rockets work out and what people think of them (so keep those reviews/thoughts/ideas about them coming).”

Just to emphasise this more, the rockets can and will be removed/modified if they don’t serve their purpose.

What to look forward to in upcoming updates

There is currently a lot of focus on improving performance and reducing lag spikes: the programmers are slowly eliminating unnecessary things that cause performance issues and they are very determined to make the game as smooth as possible for everyone.

We’re also investigating how to improve the experience for new users. The game is quite complex as it has depth and progression, and we have to properly explain that to new players in order for them to be able to enjoy the game. We’re thinking of maybe expanding the current tutorial by introducing elements one at a time (survival, then powers, then rockets and so on) so the first match is not too overwhelming, however, we haven’t made a final decision on that just yet. Therefore you can expect to see some more tutorial related updates in future patch notes.

I hope that gives you a better insight into the latest updates as well as what’s planned for the near future. Let us know what you think and I hope you have a fantastic day! :heart:


Well this rockets are quite funny, specially when playing with silvers. Chatting with em has no point, they are just insulting me/my mother for being high ranked/having high lvl modules/ships.


haha ik that feeling


dude, im a silver! I feel insulted