Dev Blog 05: Progression rework


One more thing while @Geert is online! Will we be able to see the modules that other players are using in custom rooms? And will we be able to put in a max module level? I mean with the new update and all?

(RIP Geert went offline… :cry: )


no, and no


Thanks for responding :slight_smile: (Didn’t want to like post since I don’t love the answer, but i like that you responded so I felt conflicted…)

Certainly from a tournament perspective it would be nice if in some tournaments (not all tournaments) we could have all module lvl and ship lvl the same.


I mean, it was impossible for someone to get all 8 daily crates using only one species. That, and most people don’t have all 15 modules anyway. The game encouraged you to play varied builds with the different species, so it’s not really a surprise.

Then after all crate games were done, gold/GM users would default to using only one build; which from my experience, more often than not, was Trigon.

Rest in peace, this meme.


Everything sounds great, looking forward to testing it tomorrow! :raised_hands:


This update is awesome! :smiley:
Everything looks great and sounds great!
Good job devs! Whee!



But honestly; if your level 1 laser is actually level 9 in-game, wouldn’t it make sense to just put the laser at level 9? Or are you planning to have the legendary modules get +11 upgrades to become op as all hell level 21s? I’m hoping the UI is just bugged and that it’s meant to show level 9.


What is the meaning of green “+121” etc. on the stats page? I first assumed that’s the difference due to module upgrade, but not possible cause some lvl 1 have that too. 2nd I assumed it’s said difference but rare/etc modules count it like if they were still lvl 3/6 etc. - but also not possible, because the lvl 1 Rare modules have it the same as common lvl 2 brake (and they are supposedly like lvl 3, not 2). And why would lvl 1 Rare modules have a “+” and epic modules on lvl 1 (i.e. true lvl 9) have none? I just doesn’t all check out in my head :smiley:

And what the real value during the game is? If I have attack 218 + 22, does it mean I have 240, or does it mean I have 218 out of which 22 is what I bought with my upgrades (also doesn’t really make sense when it comes to rare modules, though)?


The green numbers is what you get when you upgrade it to next level.
It’ll only show if you can upgrade it.

So the value in the game would be 218 in your case and not 240, only if you upgrade it.