Dev Blog 05: Progression rework


Hi all :wave:,

In the upcoming update, we’ll introduce some changes to how progression in the game works.

We wanted the progression to be easier to understand, easier to interact with and more rewarding. This resulted in some major changes that I will list down below as well as try to give you some of the reasoning behind them.

I’ll break down the changes to come into technical (what will be different about the in-game progression) and visual upgrades, as well as how the changes mesh with the existing progress of players.


  1. No more species, 1 XP progress bar instead - I’ll go over the “why” a bit further down, but it boils down to the fact that having 3 different species just complicated the game unnecessarily;

  2. Researchers now work on XP - no more accidentally buying researchers for the wrong species!

  3. Reworked the cost of researchers;

  4. Crates from 42 -> 40 gems;

  5. Upgrading modules now 10x cheaper.

  6. Discovering all modules about 1.7x faster;

  7. Unlocking lvl 8 common modules now about 14x faster;

  8. More module levels (12);

  9. Legendary modules can now only be found in gold crates;

  10. Contents of crates increased;

  11. No more mega crate -Players were being rewarded for playing 8 games a day both by receiving 8 crates/day and by unlocking a mega crate, so we decided to just combine both rewards in the normal crates to make things simpler. Thus no more mega crate but more content in the normal crates!

  12. Changed rarities of modules and changed what modules you unlock on what XP level;

  13. Modules you will unlock can be seen per XP level (not random);

  14. The number of gems you get when unlocking a new XP level will now be 25 gems (because now there are more XP levels to unlock);

  15. Reworked prices for coins in gems to match new economy;

  16. Rare, Epic and Legendary powers now start from lvl 1, but are as powerful as common power on lvl 3, lvl 6 or lvl 9 respectively :

  • lvl 1 Rare power = lvl 3 common power

  • lvl 1 Epic power = lvl 6 common power

  • lvl 1 Legendary power = lvl 9 cmmon power

Also, the maximum level you can upgrade a power to is different for each rarity:

  • Common powers can be upgraded up to lvl 12;

  • Rare powers can be upgraded up to lvl 10;

  • Epic powers can be upgraded up to lvl 7;

  • Legendary powers can be upgraded up to lvl 4.

  1. Titles NEWBIE, PRO, and VETERAN have been removed.

UI and UX

  1. Modules are now called powers - this just makes everything clear and understandable to everyone;

  2. Powers are now more atomic (smaller) and easier to understand;

  3. Power library (formerly the module browser or the ‘lobby’) redesigned to be more clear and focused;

  4. The visuals of upgrading powers have been improved;

  5. Stats for powers can now be seen;

  6. On opening crates, all content is shown at once - no more power clicking to get through a crates content!

  7. Redesigned the shop to fit the new changes.


  1. Players coin and gem balance stay the same;

  2. The sum of the Ship XP now translates to a new XP level;

  3. Players keep their highest upgraded modules and module level (in case of duplicates);

  4. Players keep modules in discovered state if they have discovered it;

  5. For removing duplicate modules, players will get reimbursed gems.

We think most of the changes will be celebrated, however, there is one aspect we want to elaborate on.

Removal of species

The biggest change will be the removal of species. We did this because the species added very little to the gameplay. Nobody felt affiliated to a species, as there was not a real choice or different ‘module-set’ among the species.

Removing the species allows us to greatly simplify how the progression and interaction with the game works. For example:

  • You don’t have to go to different pages to install modules, all modules are in one place;
  • More module combinations available, making for a wider possible variety of gameplay;
  • We can clearly tell you what you will get on which level;
  • Researchers work on your general XP, not on only 1 of your 3 species.

Different rarities and level rewards

We also had a look at what powers you unlock on which level. We have redone the upgrading path. We want players to experience a wide variety of different type of powers, on each unlock stage, as well as trying to give the easier powers for the earlier levels.

As for the rarities, we have decided to make the more ‘exotic’ powers rarer. So a laser or hide self are legendary, while a single shot is common.


We think the new progression system will be better understood, and more fun to interact with. The power library, opening crates, upgrading powers and crate browser, they all have been re-designed to be more usable and engageable. We hope you like it!

Time and date of update

The update will go live tonight 19th - 20th of September 2018 between 11 pm - 3 am CEST.
Expect the servers to be down during that time. We tried to minimize the inconvenience by doing the update when most of our players are asleep however that is not the case for everyone so we apologize for the long wait.
Thank you all for your patience! :heart:

Progression update status - COMPLETED!



Think about what I feel, i have modules on 7/6 level …
7 lvl - 10k coins


You are right…


Phewww :sweat_smile:… kinda happy for myself…coz … some coins saved…

But overall I’m exited :slight_smile: plus…

it isn’t much but very welcome :smile:
might take a little while to adjust to all this but as I said excited :slight_smile:


Wow thats A LOT and I find not even one point I would dislike…thats new :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this update will make me playing for progress now which I always denied to do so far…

Good Job!


This’ll be cool! I wonder what is the new modules like… (if they were any) :thinking:


You mean “Powers” right :joy: @Stardust-12217411


So will coins be more expensive or cheaper in terms of gems?


RIP mega crate


I like the sound of a lot of this! Having different species wasn’t making sense especially since you could use most module combos on multiple species.

My biggest question is if there is any way of reimbursing the coins spent on duplicate modules. E.g. I have spent almost 5k coins getting my trigon scatter to lvl 5 while my penta scatter I have at lvl 6. If these merge to the same ‘power’ then I will have overall spent 15k on a module which costs 10k. I have this situation with most of my shared modules, and given there are some modules I haven’t upgraded at all, I’d kinda like to have some of those coins back to upgrade other stuff. XD

To give context if there is no refund then I’ve effectively spent around 40-50k more coins than players who have only upgraded modules on one ship.


we will reimburse duplicated modules with gems. How many gems is for every case different. You can spend the gems for coins in the shop


What about gold inflation? Trigger on level 7 will not be equal to another on level 7 …


what do you mean? there are too many ways on how I can interpret your post. My neural network can’t handle this. error… error… beep


Currently, trigger 7 lvl costs 10k gold, but these 10k gold will not mean anything after update. So now someone will improve a much cheaper trigger for 7 lvl, what about my lost time to acquire gold?


this is what will happen:
your trigger will stay at level 7 on the same % progression to the next level. This means you will have a head start on any one else trying to upgrade their trigger bomb.

The coins you have spent to get to lvl 7 will not be re-imbursed.


This means you will have a head start on any one else trying to upgrade their trigger bomb.

I doubt, Upgrading modules now 10x cheaper.
I have lost precious time to earn the minimum amount of gold, and now someone else will upgrade the same module 10 times cheaper.

10k gold - 1k :slight_smile:


Will the price of coins (using gems) in the shop be higher?


it will be about the same


We should make holes smaller, so it requires more skill to actually curve.