Dev Blog 04: A New Gameplay


I still don’t get what the problem with energy is… In cf2 (and cf3 though noone seems to care about cf3 because seemingly everyone other than me thought it was a failure) there was spawn luck based on where powerups fell. Its the same in cfpro.


I actually agree with this. With little information I have because I missed the playtest, the cooldown system seems slow no matter what anyone can suggest. I remember early on the devs wanted to make sure the game feels nice and quick. Fast and fun gameplay. That is what led to the laser walls being added to begin with I believe.

The energy spawning made games feel very fast cause so many things can happen at once. Cooldowns will most definitely make the game feel slower than it is no matter what.
I’d honestly most likely prefer the energy gameplay rather than the cooldown one.


First of all I want to thank you. Its nice that you made a test which includes the community before you have done such a big gameplay change.

It would be more intresting, if all modules were unlocked to test the gameplay with high lvl modes, but for a little impression it was ok.


  • Energy system gets removed (so 0% lucky spawns)
  • Closed walls (more tactical moves possible)
  • Random holes (better defense and u can close ur space)
  • Cooldown system (hope that brings finally some balance between the modules)


  • Cooldown time and design (sometimes hard to see when ur module gets close to full energy)
  • The way you get points to finish the game
  • Fevers should only give points if they kill the person


  • Point System:
    At the moment you can go 3 rounds afk (because nothing happens in that time) & then you attack 2 rounds the first players and win the game. I tried it while test version and it was very easy.
    So problem: first rounds are useless and borring.

My idea:
Let all players start with 200 points for example and let them play 6 rounds with the same system.
That improves weird random wins (u get killed 1 time close to 250 & and sbd at place 4 or 5 takes two lucky shots and wins the whole game in 1 round)
Ik you still get focused at 1. place cause of your points, but u can calculate the win easier because you know when the game ends. (that was the one thing that annoyed me extreme, leading whole game and getting 4. in 1 round)

  • Cooldown System:
    Like already mentioned, some modules are better if you use them twice or more times in row (thick or bullets) what also was neccessary for double kills (double point shots).
    So If you wait longer and dont use ur module, u should be able to use it more than 1 time in row, maybe based on ur ship lvl (hidden energy slots = saving cooldown points)


of course its not, or is every energy you collect shared with everyone?----because in cfpro you can´t just win easy by survyving, you have 2 hit…so what …its fundamental change. cf3 was not a failure only the technical lag issues made it a fail-…in cfpro the gameplay is the failure


wait fever are just like trigger?
i hope this wont give as point as a direct kill (i know you cant do kill like that but you know what i mean)


the gap are random?? this is now the same thing as cf2 but we use our own power up… well bye planned jump


thanks everyone for the feedback. I really like it that you put it in such a constructive way (I like ABC, I dislike DEF). Your points have been noted and we will reply soon with more details on the upcoming update.

PS. Bantonaut is so good that if he only played the last round, he would still win the game


My personal opinion

  1. Performance: quite good

  2. Closed borders: i dont like it, some powerups will be way stronger (speedy fever, steer-less fever). Open borders are giving us more ways to play and more options to attack or run away from opponents.

  3. Point system: Thats the biggest problem. Playing offensive isnt worth in early rounds because you can get more points by surviving and in last round all players are attacking the leader to gain bigger amount of points. This is creating situations when leader is suiciding to dont lose points. You can easily fall from 1st to 5th-6th in one round because all are focusing on you. 20% of opponent’s points should be replaced by 20 or 25 points. This might eliminate all problems

  4. Cooldowns: I dont mind them. It will make balancing modules easier.

Here is good point how to make better whole the cooldown system

  1. Other changes: I like placing fevers, non fatal deaths and random gaps. I dont like losing points by catching a fever. Fevers should only give points if they kill the person


I think the fact that in the beginning surviving is more important and later attacking, is quite nice, it creates a more diverse gameplay.
But I agree with the suiciding bit (Link to Playtest).


I wouldn’t really like “replaced by 20 or 25 points” because it would mean reward is no longer proportional to the player’s worth, which I think is a very positive feature of this new gameplay (no longer is it a good strategy to target prospects instead of better players). My proposal - instead of 20% of opponent’s points it should be something like

40% / n * points, where n = number of the round

The “intuitive” feel would be that killing someone steals 40%'s worth of how good the killed player is in his/her average round. [Exact percentage to be determined / adjusted in practice of course].