Dev Blog 04: A New Gameplay


I really like it :smiley:




Hmm, It seems pathfinding will make a comeback to curve fever… a game about pathfinding… maybe I’ll come back and outcamp some noobs like @Bantonaut


This topic is not for insulting people @Kronches please be respectful of others on the forum.


Well, you will only be able to kill people permanently by cutting them off.
So i think using speed + X will be more popular than ever…


Abilities will have cooldowns making them easier to balance out. If you’re restricted by cooldowns on how many times you can use speed during one round it might not be so popular.



Too much lags, i can’t play.
New gameplay is nice for me, i want test trigger on it :smiley:


You must’ve have immortal luck just to get that much pts. :joy::+1:


My opinion on the update after having played the playtest:

I like the update very much so far. The decision to no longer make the weapons kill other players was very good imo. My biggest issue with the game was, that you could be sniped away from the other end of the level by some overpowered weapons, so that is solved.

The removal of the open walls give me mixed feelings. On the one side I think it helped against some players teaming up and squeezing their victim against the wall. On the other side I hated the sneak attacks through the wall.

I like that you removed the energy ammunition, now that it just refills over time it is much fairer.

Good job making everything simpler! One suggestion, the module points don’t add very much to the game. Maybe you could remove them and make upgrades buyable with coins only?

Anyways congrats for the update!


I know it’s probably very early to say, but still, i’d like to ask: can you guys give an estimation of when this version will be released?


This mode was interesting!


  1. Ships don’t die that fast and everyone has a chance till the last round (so probably less people will leave after 1-2 rounds)
  2. Survival and pathfinding is now important again!


  1. You get minus points when you shot by fever, but don’t die. Seems to be unfair if you survive with fever but still get minus points
  2. No points for cut-off? I understand that you get +10 survival points but still it’s not comparable with 20% for killing with module. Even though killing with cut-off needs some skill too and should be rewarded.
  3. Closed walls: I think with open walls the game will be more diverse. You can camp, survive on the edge of the wall, use behind-the-wall kills. Isn’t it good to have more different opportunities?

Even though I have more dislikes than likes I think that these likes are more important. I enjoyed the game! But I also have question: now when you don’t need energy what’s the point of getting the new ship? Only better turning angle? Before you could have more energies with the new one, but not now. Isn’t it unfair to deactivate this option? People invested time/money in getting new ships but now it will have almost no sense to get the new one. Also I think that pathfinding is more interesting when you need to collect moving energies.


This mode was good for me!

  1. +10 survival points
    2.way to earn points
    3.closed walls


  1. no points for cut-off
  2. you get minus points when you shot by fever , but don’t die



Here are my opinions about this playtest:


  • Overpowering powerups are now as balanced as the bad modules - including fevers, mines (except for trigger bomb), etc. due to the cooldown.
  • New animations are now added to make a vivid and a friendly environment.
  • The new game mode is the best in my perspective, so it should be in Quick Play with FFA Pro.
  • Stealing points by >10 rounds is more satisfying than suffering to get points by 6 rounds.


  • No borders means that the rounds are less diverse than the current Curve Fever Pro borders. You can still get rid of the laser walls, but not the ability for every player to go from one section to another.
  • There are no fever assists or cut-offs. The disappearance of the two makes it harder to get points from scratch. Maybe add the fever assists and add the cut-offs too, but make it change based off of the kill (Speed cut-off - +5, Normal cut-off - +6, Fever cut-off - +7, etc.).

What’s Missing:

  • Fever Assists
  • Diverse borders (makes you go from one section to another)
  • Cut-Off Points

If you added any of the positives and ‘what’s missing’ and less of the negative, then this’ll be a perfect game for me.



  1. More focus on survival points
  2. Reward proportional to the player’s worth

Rather disliked:

  1. no points for cut-off. I think it’s less fun this way but it might be the only way as for not to make speed ridiculously OP.
  2. closed borders

Definitely disliked:

  1. points from fevers that don’t kill you
  2. no possibility to stack modules because of cooldown. Cooldown itself is not bad but it should be more than one slot (similar to now there being 2 or more energy slots): after the first thick fever “loads” the 2nd thick should start to load, meaning after longer waiting you can stack two / three (might depend on ship lvl) fevers on the opponent. Game felt extremely slow and boring compared to the current playstyle due to that everyone was just firing one shot or fever and if missing they just went off the collision course to spend some boring time waiting for a cooldown (generally also IMO too long - even for weak quickly-charging modules - cooldown time could’ve played a role here).


Alright I completely missed the playtest, but there’s only one thing I’ve heard from this update that gives me concern is the cooldown system. I feel it should be reworked slightly.

Like maybe give a cooldown after someone uses a module after a certain amount of times. There are some modules that are better used multiple times than just once and waiting. Modules with an AOE like time bombs, triggers, and zap I agree should be used once and then cooldown, but other modules are used in a quick succession to be actually effective like thick fever/speed/brakes.

Maybe there could be 2 cooldowns.
The first cooldown activates after using the module once, but if you were to use the module again before that cooldown stops, then the 2nd cooldown would activate and you will be unable to use the module until that cooldown is over.
Of course this is assuming the module even allows you to use it twice. Heck there could be a few modules that you can use 3 or 4 times, but each time you use it it resets the first cooldown timer.

(also fevers should most definitely not give points unless someone dies with it in effect, that would most definitely turn the game into a battle of “who has the largest fever”)


single shot cooldown, very nice, didn´t thought that they touched the energy thang…but ok :hushed:


can anyone tell me if theres something happening with the speed+ item , cause it treally sucks not even when you have lag issues…


well I have a idea that I just thought of. so you know how every 3 seconds you’ll get one shot or however long it is then you’ll have to fire and then wait another 3 seconds to get your next shot, but what I propose is every three seconds you get one “one shot” and they will be stackable so after 6 seconds you’ll have two “one shots” that you can fire at the same time and I think that one shot could be stackable to 3 “one shots”.
this could work out the same for Speed as well like waiting 9 or so seconds so that you can double speed. and so on.


Overall I think this is a great update but I disagree with the cooldown. As already discussed some careful thought needs to be put into this, since many modules work well when used repetitively in quick succession. Disabling that would take a whole part of the game strategy out with many modules affected! Please reconsider it!

Some people already offered suggestions like multiple cooldowns but I think there is a very simple solution:
Keep energy slots as they are today but have them self recharge (without energy orbs).

Here are the benefits I see:

  1. It would solve the issue above by not eliminating many strategies for no obvious reason. Note that the recharge still puts a cap on the number of times a module can be used repeatedly.
  2. The original spirit of the update is kept - no more energy spawn luck, more pathfinding, speed + energy collection also gone.
  3. Higher level ships will still have more slots. Otherwise this update makes higher level ships pretty pointless (and makes me feel even dumber for investing hundreds of gems in them).
  4. It should be simple to implement. Instead of having different cooldowns for different modules depending on all sorts of parameters, there is just one energy recharge rate and module energy costs can be kept as they are.
  5. Less disruptive change. There are already many changes in the update. Too many changes will have unexpected consequences which will probably require more fixes and balancing later on. This solution is between the current game and the suggested update.

Please let us know what you think.


The downside of this is that you lose the possibility to balance modules by slightly tweaking their cooldowns.

Btw, I also find it weird that you get points just for affecting someone with a fever but no (additional) points for cut-offs.