Dev Blog 04: A New Gameplay


The past couple of weeks have flown by in a flurry of activity and I want to share with all of you what we’ve been up to. We’ve always wanted Curve Fever Pro to be fun and enjoyable, regardless of how new a player is to the game. And we feel like we’ve finally come up with the best version of the game which can be enjoyed casually as well as competitively by each and everyone (totally not a subjective opinion).

It will be quite a substantial change in gameplay and even though we’ve tested and perfected it numerous times internally, we still might have missed possible areas of improvement. Therefore we will organize a playtest with you, the community before we release said update live.

We want to see what you all think of the new gameplay overall, as well as any feedback on all the details we’ve tweaked to fit in with the new game mode. I will let you all know soon when the playtest will take place, in the meantime let’s have a peek at what you can look for in the new gameplay.

New gameplay mode

We started off by changing the way players are eliminated. We feel that in the current live version of the game it can be very random/luck-based if you kill or get killed by someone in the first few seconds of a round. It’s especially frustrating as a new player when you don’t really know what’s going on, and suddenly you die and have to wait until the next round starts. In the new gameplay you won’t die if you get shot (or attacked by anything offensive) but instead, some of your points get stolen. These points fly out from your ship into the ship of the player who shot/attacked you. This way we go back to the roots of the original Curve Fever game: only dying when hitting a curve.

Field size adjustments. The field size will adjust depending on the number of players in a game. We’ve seen a lot of custom games being played with 2/3/4 people and it’s not very fun trying to interact with less than 6 players in all that open space. So now the field automatically shrinks to smaller sizes for anything less than 6 players.

Closed borders. Borders will no longer be open in the new game mode since with all the changes to the game-play having open borders felt too chaotic it simply no longer fit the playstyle. Not to mention that open borders would look odd for any of the smaller field sizes in custom games.

No more laser walls. With the new game style, players are more than motivated to want to interact with each other as much as possible. Therefore laser walls simply have no more purpose after the update.

Curve gaps. Gaps in the curves are significantly smaller and they now have random intervals, for some extra spice to the gameplay.

The game will last for up to 10 rounds max. How many rounds you play a game will be determined by who reaches a certain number of points first (a goal). This also reinforces the motivation to go for the player with the most points, since that way you can keep the game from ending and get more time to come back. You can see who is close to reaching the goal in the new in-between rounds scoreboard.

Point system

The amount of points you get from attacking someone is now a percentage (previously it was a flat value). That means that you will get more points when you attack the person with the most points and substantially lower amount of points from someone with fewer points. This gives players an opportunity to come back regardless of how far behind they are. This will offer grandmasters a nice challenge and a better opportunity for them to show their skills.

You start the match with 10 points and you are given 10 survival points for every other ship that dies before you. This way survival is still important and valuable, especially in the first few rounds where players are yet to accumulate a substantial amount of points.

Cooldown-based modules

Modules will no longer need energy to be activated. After you use a module, it goes on cooldown. You can see the modules charging below your ship and once they are fully charged, they activate and can be used again. With this change, we are able to remove the energy from the field and let players focus more on pathfinding and interacting with each other. This way the game is more balanced, as previously some players might get lucky energy spawns and win the round just because of that, or use speed/speedy fever to collect all the energies before others.

In order to keep the game balanced, updating modules will only change how resistant you are to attacks as well as how many points you can steal from other players during the match. This way we can ensure a balanced game in every evenly matched game.

Fevers and mines

Fevers are now color coded so that you can tell which fevers are yours and which aren’t - your fevers will have the same color as the ship you play with. Same with mines.

Fevers will have an activation time when placed since now they can put some points in your intergalactic ship-pockets when an enemy picks them up. Also, the max throwing range for fevers has been significantly increased to better facilitate their role as traps.

Repulse fever will become deactivation fever (don’t quote me on the new name) which will make the player that picks it up unable to use their modules.

Stealth mine will become more like a normal mine that blends in better with the background.


Bullets are bigger, faster, (STRONGER!) and travel until they collide with a ship or the walls. The bullet art-style has also been adapted to better suit the rest of the visuals in the game.

What’s next :eyes:

Pheu, this was a long one! :smile: Thank you all for your attention and stay tuned for the playtest announcement (date, time and all that useful info). We are very excited about the new gameplay and we are looking forward to getting your feedback and thoughts on it. Together with your feedback, we can tie up any loose ends, wrap things up and push the update live for everyone to enjoy asap. :heart:


This actually sounds pretty interesting. Definitely going to check it out.


Damn I have so many thoughts. I’m going to comment each separately so that people can respond/approve/disapprove of each point individually.


Closed borders: for those telling me that speed zap shouldn’t be nerfed but that I should be, this is it. Having played a lot of cf3, I’m one of the best in cfpro at crossing borders and across the border shots. Though I’m personally a bit sad that borders have been closed, I understand the reasoning behind it. For new players, even with the indicator it was hard to get used to.

However, this will also make the map smaller, and make the starting position of each player more important. At the moment, players start each round in the same spots. I hope that even if the 6 positions on the field where players spawn stays the same, that there is some level of rotation between rounds so that noone spawns every round in the middle.


Welcome back jump+shield. Closed borders? I’ll make a camp. Throw a fever in my camp?Im sure trippy or low-rez will make me lose sight of where I am going. Or speed to draw your camp at the start or cut-off people. 3 module game ty.


People only die when cut off: In the current gamemode, survival is so irrelevant, that people can win games with less than 10 survivals and when playing a game with speed zappers, by the time you collect enough energy to shoot a laser, everyone could be dead. As we don’t know how many points hitting people will get people, we can’t tell how important surviving is going to be, but it looks like it will be a lot more important than now. This may be the return of the shield and jump combo, and camping.

A question: Do you get extra points for cut offs?


This new gameplay could bring some live in this dead game…
Right now, everyone is playing speed + X so if you dont have speed equipped, ur the victim for the whole room.

I’m looking forward for it and see you on friday.


No more energy: Will this work like an MP bar? And will an increased ship level increase the number of shots you can make at once? i.e. lvl1 ships can’t contain enough MP for 1 laser but lvl 7-8 can almost contain enough for 2. etc. Will people still be able to spam fevers and bullets?


Bullets continue until reaching the wall: Is this only for one shot? Or also side, multi, double and scatter?


With bombs killing people, will it still destroy walls like presently? im just thinking of how it will look if someone dies in the middle of a bombed area, and then keeps going so leaves a line in the middle of a bombed area. Or will the blast area exist until the hit player leaves the blast area (so he continues his line beyond the bomb).

Confusingly put - sorry about this.


Fevers OP? Will fevers stack? If you get points for hitting someone the first time with a fever, will you get points for hitting them more than once? I’m interested to see how fevers work since I spent a lot of coins upgrading my fevers.


Upgraded modules:

In order to keep the game balanced, updating modules will only change how resistant you are to attacks as well as how many points you can steal from other players during the match. This way we can ensure a balanced game in every evenly matched game.

So does this mean that you won’t have gigantic bombs versus tiny bombs? Or does this mean that I will get 3x as many points for killing someone with a lvl 7 bomb versus a lv 1 bomb?


@ Owl maybe wait until the update is released, before u break ur head by thinking what could be xd


All in all, I’m excited to see the new gameplay. As i stated in one of my first comments, I am personally not super happy about the closed borders, but idk. I’m also not super happy about the random holes but heck: do what you can to get those cf2 players involved.


I just realized the new logo and bring me back to the old feelings,100% hype


Sounds good, im gonna check it out;)


“In order to keep the game balanced, updating modules will only change how resistant you are to attacks as well as how many points you can steal from otherplayers during the match. This way we can ensure a balanced game in every evenly matched game.”



I love the new balance to keep the game alive with fresh ideas. Keep it up!


First impression: Sounds amazing.
Only thing I’m not sure about is that points get stolen percentage-wise and not just an absolute value. This adds quite the Mario Kart effect to the game mechanics (you know where the last player always gets the best items) On the other hand: Mario Kart was quite succesful so maybe it’s a good idea :smiley:

If I have time I will definetely check out the playtest to give more feedback.
Sounds good :slight_smile:


ME LIKE. IS GOOD. VERY GOOD. NICE. EEEE. (cfpro pls let me post this pls thx)