Dev Blog 04.5: New Gameplay Test Stats


Hi everyone!:wave: We’d like to follow up the playtest we held on Friday with some results and conclusions from the survey filled in by those who attended the playtest.

We had 39 players who responded to our survey. Since the number of players that filled in the survey is ‘only 39’, we can’t say anything statistically conclusive about the results. However, the idea was that if the numbers look reasonable, we go ahead with releasing the gameplay update, taking into account your feedback. This way we can test the new gameplay on the bigger audience and we are hoping to see a higher retention overall.

In short, people were pretty enthusiastic about the new gameplay, but also had quite some feedback for improvements.

Which gameplay is best?
How does the new gameplay stack up against the current different games?

The gameplay of the playtest was found to be ‘the best’ although very closely followed by and CF2. That is good news and we are very happy with it! On the other hand, what gameplay is worst:

The gameplay of the test is the least disliked. That sounds good, but in general people will play the game they like the most (not which they find second best) so this stat is less relevant than what people would prefer to play.

Feedback of players per topic:

Overall, almost all new changes are rated slightly positive to positive. In specific:

  • Only dying on lines: 3.7 var 0.18
  • Scoring: 3.5 var 0.16
  • Stealing w bullets: 3.5 var 0.23
  • Placing pickups: 3.4 var 0.20
  • Charge abilities: 3.3 var 0.23
  • Stealing w pickups: 3.2 var 0.19
  • No field wrapping: 2.9 var 0.22

Most new abilities are rated positively. Only the removal of field wrapping is slightly negative. Most people don’t like it that a tactical strategy has been removed (surprising people from the other side of the field).

Closed borders

Having closed borders allows for better targeting and more intense ‘battles’ between players, as players can’t easily escape and are forced more to interact with each other.
Our take on this is to keep the borders closed for now, as we want people to interact and have battles with each other. However, in the future, we will have an event with open borders to test with you guys what feels best.

Charging abilities

Most people like charging of abilities. Most heard feedback is:

  • More fair and balanced
  • Want to use multiple abilities in rapid succession
  • Happy that abilities can’t be used in rapid succession (yes, the exact opposite of the previous feedback)
  • Happy energy balls are gone (was luck based)
  • Jump and brake charge too long

What we will do is:

  • Keep single charging abilities for now, but we will experiment with abilities so they could be used in rapid succession:
    • Some (new) abilities give you 2 charges once fully charged
    • Continue charging for a second charge
  • Reduced charge time for jump and brake (and other powers)

Stealing points

Our goal is that stealing points can always be countered by playing strategically. If that is not possible, the game will feel random, instead of the fault of the player itself. We will monitor closely (by playing ourselves) if this is actually possible. Right now we feel that bullets can be avoided by keeping away from players and steer away from bullets flying into you, while fevers can be circumvented, as they have a delay. So we feel we are good, but we will keep a close watch if it is actually possible.

Most common feedback was:

  • Really like the concept
  • Want to have points for cutoffs
  • Fevers should only give points when a player dies
  • Effect of a fever irrelevant
  • One shot too powerful
  • Hard to follow the score

Most people like the concept of stealing points. What we will do:

  • Monitor amounts of points stolen per module and tweak the % stolen based on the statistics for the modules
  • Cutoffs: For now we will not give points for cutoffs. The issue is that with points for cutoffs, we wanted to give players who forced someone to die some extra bonus. However, there are many situations where you can force someone to die, where he/she does not touch the last part of your curve. It also resulted in ‘pro’ players steering away from curves just to not give points to them, instead of trying to maximize their time on the field. We think that the 10 points you get now is already rewarding enough for the gameplay and will look into making it feel more rewarding visually.
  • We agree that the effect of a fever is somewhat unimportant. For now we will keep it like this, however, we will experiment with Fever bullets passing through lines (like how it was before) and also with a different delivery mechanic for fevers (combined with stealing points on death) making delivering fevers more useful for the sender
  • Make scoring more clear by elaborating more on it in the end game scoreboard

Placing pickups

The placing of the pickups is in general pretty good, however many ‘beginner’ players didn’t understand you can press and hold to place a pickup. What we will do in the short term is to make the tutorial explanation stand out more. In the long term, we will make a dedicated tutorial

Overall we are happy with your responses and we will be testing the gameplay soon on the bigger public to see if the anonymous player also likes it as much as we did!

Sunday surprise! | New Gameplay | Coming August 6th

Wow, thanks for the detailed explanation :slight_smile:
Too bad I forgot that survey button :sweat_smile:


Is there any place where we can check how the numbers displayed for a module (e.g. lvl 4 ZAP 27 offense, 133 defense) relate to real damage (% of stolen points)? Is 27% a percentage that would happen in the opponent had 0 defense (no modules)? How opponent’s 133 would change this? I think in majority of my games today on the chat there was at least one person wanting to figure how the % of stolen points depends on if one uses one shot or fever etc. and nobody was able to answer.


Yes, 25 attack steals 25% points. And 133 defence means only X/1.33 points are stolen. eg: if you were to lose 30 points and have 133 defence, you will only lose 30/1.33 = 23 points.

Base defence is 100. Your defence is the max of your two modules defences.



(This what you’ve written could ideally - in a bit shortened version - be one of the tips shown when you die I think. I think so far this is the topic that brought the largest confusion in my (short) game chat experience)


if my defence is the max of my two modules’ defences, then what does base defence is 100 mean,
is the defence = max(100,mod1Defence, mod2Defence) or defence = 100 + max(mod1Defence, mod2Defence)?


Because a module defence is always larger than 100 (that is, the points are never divided by a number smaller than 1).

So that is the same as max(mod1Defence, mod2Defence)


thanks :slight_smile: so I guess the absence of the base defense caused the *1000 bug :smiley:


Homing is in a current state bad atm, it’s just a bit upgraded one shot that sometimes if hits, doesn’t do anything. The range is too small for its speed, it cannot be a homing with such speed.

Other than that, I am currently very happy with the update, you made a good balance between staying alive and stealing points.


The defense is not dependent on the module, right? Any lvl 2 module is 110, any lvl 3 121 and so on, right? So the tweaks adjusting module’s strength are only being done on the attack


the performance of the game has become a lagging nightmare


I was one of the people that said in the survey that I didn’t like no points for cutoffs, but after playing the gamemode for a longer time I realized that it’s fine. If you cut someone off you gain the survival pts from them, which means more now that survivals have been buffed. You still gain a lot from cutoffs even if you don’t literally gain points. :+1: :smiley:


It seems to me like the only problem is the animation of points stealing - as long as it’s like 10 it’s all fine but each time I steal 40 it’s really really hard to steer for a moment because it seems that the animation steals most of my GPU (CPU?) power.

On this note, would it be possible to have a settings choosing between animation of points stealing or just the old-style log “X blew you up (-23)”, “you zapped X (+13)”, or both?

Apart from the performance issues, point stealing animation for me is the most confusing part of this new gameplay - that’s especially visible when for instance I and another player are trying to ZAP each other, no matter how many times I’ve tried there’s just never a chance I am able to tell if it’s me who zapped him or vice versa (or both), it’s just some green points floating and some red points floating but since we’re both just next to each other it’s impossible to tell which are which


could be right… air death in mine areas are constant, also need for fast fix


I’m playing since Achtung Die Kurve (later named CF2), than CF3, than CFpro. This new update is not just an update, is a new game at all. And I don’t like it. Firstly because it killed the progress made in CFpro (upgraded fevers/weapons seem the same than basic ones), than because the gameplay now is totally confusing and the fever delivery is definitively ruined.

I always left the old CF for the new one, so I’m open-minded to the news, but this time I will wait some days/weeks to see if something will change, at the moment it is not a game for my taste.

Simplicity is the way.