Detailed BUGS info(plz take a look)



For homing missile bug, I noticed it happen a few more times. The following information may be useful about it:

  1. It shows the point values appear as if you hit the person(for example, -18 in red from the enemy and +18 in green above you). Furthermore, it does not show the animation of the points actually flowing to you.
  2. The homing missile continues in its path after “hitting” the enemy.

For the air death bug, it also happened once more to me:
It occurred in quick play, and in both the custom room and quick play instances, I was the one who fired the time bomb, and I was the one who died an air death near its prior explosion radius.

For the flashing bug: It also happened once more, to me. I was purple. I began flashing when I became terribly close to crashing into another person’s curve, but avoided it narrowly. It was the same sort of flashing that appears when a ship spawns, or dies, so perhaps I went close enough to the curve for the AI to think I died?

It also happened to Owl in the most recent curvepro tournament for no attack modules.