Design your own skin competition!



UPDATE: Update on skin concept contest! (Splitting it up and more prizes)

Hello Creative Curvers!

Today we’re going to start our fourth art contest - which is an extra special one :tada: ! For this special event you will be tasked with creating a concept for an IN-GAME SKIN which will be considered to be added for a new Battle Pass :coin: or added to the in-game shop :shopping_cart: !

It’s important to note that everything must be your own work [no plagiarism or copyrighted content]. For this contest all submissions are split in two categories and in total there will be 20 winners!

The two categories explained:
:pencil2: Concepts Any sketches, quick drawings that are not fully worked out.
Voting on these is based on the conceptual idea and not how good the drawing is.
:paintbrush: Art & Design Digital art for skins that are fully worked out, we must see that you put time in to making this otherwise we consider it as a concept.
Voting on these is based on the looks how good the drawing is.

This set of prizes is given to both categories so in total there will be 20 winners!
If you submit multiple skins you can win multiple prizes. (only 1 content creator badge)
:gold:1st: 500 gems + Content creator badge
:silver:2nd: 400 gems + Content creator badge
:bronze:3rd: 300 gems + Content creator badge
:paper:4th-10th: 200 gems

:warning: Even if your skin wins that it does not guarantee it will be in the game.
We will make the skins (maybe with the help of the community) and use all the concepts as inspiration.
We can modify them, combine them, use them or not use any of them, we can not guarantee anything.


:pentagon: Line texture: This will be repeated while curving, should be 32px by 1024px

:pentagon: The ship: This should have a base ship and wings or something around the base. The base of the ship should have a white part (collision) with a black part within it. Preferably also have a black exhaust but this is not necessary. Additionally the ship has an exhaust flame, by default we have the yellow or orange flame but it could also be customised. (for example the cauldron has a custom flame) It’s preferred to stick with the yellow or orange flame. On a final note, try and keep the white part of the ship the same width as the line. (the wings can be wider)

:pentagon: Line decorations: Optionally you can add decorations to the line these can extend the 32px width of the line texture but make sure it stays easy to distinguish between decorations and the line itself for collision purposes. (examples being Christmas tree branches, pumpkin vines etc)

:pentagon: Decals : Optionally you can add decals that will spawn either on top or below the line texture. these can be randomised and animated. (examples being spider webs, blood splatters, ice cream splatters etc)

:pentagon: Particles: Lastly, you can add particles that come out of the exhaust from the ship. These are also optional. Smoke is added by default but additional particles are possible. (examples being cookies from candy cane, digits from robot and confetti from joker)

:pentagon: Static Image only (not animated)

:pentagon: You can use any tool to create the image, even a hand drawing - as we are looking for concepts to be made professionally, so it doesn’t need to be a final product!

:pentagon: You can send in as many entries as you want!
How to submit:

:pentagon: Send me a private message on Discord ( prabh#6054 ) or on Forum ( @prabh ) !

Important dates:

:cfp: February 14th 6:00 P.M. CEST submissions become closed!

:skull: February 21st 6:00 P.M. CEST voting closes!

To help you with your creation, here are some examples:


An example breakdown of the 4 main elements of a skin:

A sample psd file to get you started:
skin-example.psd (313.3 KB)

GOOD LUCK! :cowboy_hat_face: :four_leaf_clover:

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Brilliant - thanks for taking the time to organise this.

Not sure even a pencil drawing of mine would be worth consideration though!


also GGs to everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::yum:


I’m afraid someone will take my ideas :frowning:


I already have an idea. I had this great idea for my own custom skin, but since this contest is for skins that anyone can use, then I’ll make another one. :slight_smile:


I have alreathy started on this and have one out of six done (I may add more)
also ima Pro artist I won $300 from the Lions Club international art contest for 6th grade ( I won it two years ago )


Wait, what are the prices for our skins? Can I make mine really cheap? Say, 50 gems?


Can we even name our prices?


… and how it’s called?


Lucky :smile: so ur in 8th grade, 12yrs old?


Let me clear up some confusion and frequent asked questions.

  • These submitted skins are just concepts for skins.
  • The info above are just guidelines and not strict requirements for submissions. (there is more chance that your skin is making it in the game if it meets the guidelines though)
  • Even if you win it does not mean they will be in the game.
  • After the contest we will see what to do with it, it might be a new battle pass or maybe we just add some skins to the shop or some other way.
  • We can also not directly put concepts in the game, we will either remake them or ask the creator to help us create them if you are willing to do so.
  • By submitting your skins you are giving us the rights to use it in any way, that also means that we can adjust your skin.


Thanks for clearing things up and if you want to re-color mine or something big like that you can! you can also change the little ship thing im not going to change it that much and my lines may not be very straight.
also @memedroid im 13 lolz :joy:


Here are a few ships (svgs) you can use as a template. (especially useful if you do vector design)
Keep in mind that CF artwork is copyrighted though but you can use it in your concepts.
Just right click the images to save them.



If our skin gets into cfpro then can the creator get if for free?




Im not going to participate but someone should make a badass skin that spewss firee and shit :kissing_heart::yum:


Sorry to disappoint, lol. I already have another idea.


I could make one for you but, at a cost :money_mouth_face::thinking:
I made this prof pic myself look at the detail and shading!


Hey, that’s not bad. Looks like it’s 3d.