Defending against skilled attacks: speed-zap, homing missile and ordinairy shots




Im visiting this forum with some general questions for advice in playing against more skilled players.
Im a high-diamond for a while now, and I see myself repeatedly losing points in attacks of the aforementioned attacks/ attack combos , and I still dont find a way to avoid them.

So if there’s anyone wiling to share defending tactics in the following situations, I would be happy to listen!

Maybe good to know: I generally play fever+jump, and Im kind of conflict-avoiding, camping or surviving between the lines with occasional well-placed fever. Maybe of course this is a playing strategy that has its limits and will never get me above 4-star diamond, that could be the case as well!

So, these particular situations drive me crazy:

I know well enough how to dodge a speedy zapper by shielding myself. But often when Im in an ’ open space’ shielding myself towards the edge, a speedy zapper will speed towards me, Ill ‘close the door’, but they just manage to zap me when they are plunging into the wall. Netting me -20 or -30 depending on the game stage. I know it is a common and sensible strategy for them to do that, but is there any way to avoid this? Other than just staying away from them and leaving them with half the playing field.

homing missile:
a bit shorter in explanation, but while im totally capable of dodging fevers, mines and missiles, the homing missile seems so often impossible to avoid. Its like a fever with xl area that takes up a long corridor on the screen, leaving you with no escape route. Is there any tactic to avoid this?

ordinary shots when you are making your ‘hole’
Something which drives me nuts is when I turn away to avoid collision with an ordinairy shot (any kind), and my shielding appears to be ineffective because i was just leaving a hole in my line, making free way for the bullet im avoiding. It seems to happen all the time and is very frustrating. Anything to do about, or is this just bad luck?

Thanks for the advice!



I will try to give you some feedback to each point you mentioned:

Not really anything you can do about that. It is purely bad luck if the hole comes right where the opponents shot goes through. In general to avoid shots stay away from them and make sure to drive away from them at all time.

Same really counts for speed-zappers. Divide the space into 6 “corners” try to cut the space of and create a camp for yourself by that. Once the first speed zap action is over you are save most of the time. From this position place fevers. Near to the end of the round you can go out and try manouvering around with your jump ability. Just don’t get too close.

Homing is pretty hard to dodge especially on closer range. Therefore again, stay away from them.

You probably see the way I play fever jump… Hide at the beginning from basically everyone. Then shoot and come slowly out if there is no-one dangerous nearby. Your combo is fairly good some players in the top 10 have been using a lot. So no limit there.


There is no simple tactic to dodge all the dangers at once. The general rule of thumb is to always, and I mean ALWAYS try to stay out of the troubles and keep an eye on the surroundings.
I would always stay away as far as possible from dangers like:

  • speedy fever and reverse fever (unexpected spam in front of you is bloody deadly)
  • speedy players (can kill you by overruning and/or zapping)
  • hide - watch them sneaky little robbers!

Regarding the rest of mentioned dangers, it is important to apply modules with extra defensive features:

  • brake - allows you to make a super turn and hide behind your line
  • angle - hitting a corner player is very difficult, works against all modules, mines fevers etc.
  • speedy burst, jump or hide - great escape from danger
  • mines (especially trigger!) - when thrown at yourself they grant you short immunity - great defence against homing, time bomb, speed zappers and other
  • shield (no comments)

NOTE: keep the modules charged for your safety, if you use them off for survivng, you won’t have any defence!


I don’t think that is the case. If fever+ jump has that limits, then also every other combo (almost) because (IMO) fever+ jump is among the strong combos.*

All the 3 situations you described are possible to defend without verbal instructions or “guides” and by just learning to defend against that playstyle by actually playing with a combo of that playstyle (or against that combo with combos of different playstyles).

And if you will do this, even the so-called “diagrams” which just use flowery words to over-elaborate the subtle and intuitively obvious concepts (like shifting your playstyle with the same combo according to different types of other combos/players on the map) are just unnecessary.

PS- I think the only combo which needs a little bit of a “guide” to defend against is Laser+angle turns.

*If you mean you are limited by your playing strategy rather than your combo, that could be possible and you just try out different combos and learn different playstyles.


I completely empathise as I also play fever jump. The trick is to not shoot fevers at people, but to shoot them in the optimal route for people to sui attack etc. Otherwise you’re doing the right thing by staying away, but in general make sure you’re close enough to a wall and not at all sandwiched in the middle of the field. (this only works if you have super attacking powers which you don’t.)


Also, if you haven’t tried it, try putting the fever at the back and the jump on the front. I’ll give you a customs lesson at some point if you want, but it is genuinely such a good trick.


Also as sad as it is, the only way I’ve managed to deal with homing players is by targeting them from as soon as they start aiming at you and also sometimes even saying it jn the chat. If you can scare them away, since you steal more using fevers than them using homing, they will leave at some point.


Thanks for the replies!

Ok I learn that the defending is mainly in the positioning towards these kinds of players, and once out of position there is sometimes very little you can do about it.

Ill keep that in mind. Also thanks for the advice to try and play with my opponents combos (speedy zap) from time to time to see what it takes to defend well. Thats great advice.

See you on the field :slight_smile:


Haha I love the speed zap but I can survive I’ve used so many and my friends hate it :rofl::rofl: