Death potential, more than turrents



I was thinking how sometimes, people just stop playing when they die. Like the turrets are fun, but I feel like there is a lot of potential there. Maybe have an option for different types of turrets. I’m thinking turrets that shoot little bombs. Maybe one where it spawns a little turret wall. It’s just an idea, cause some people get bored after death. Maybe when you die, you can spawn a slow area on death? Just my thoughts! :slight_smile: A lot more thought would need to be made to make it work, but the idea sounds fun.


Just don’t die :joy: many people are already annoyed by simple turrets, I personally never even use them.


I like this idea, it would bring more variety.


I’m down for this, but I know from my last post about turrets that a good portion of the community despises them. I think in reality we’ll have to stick to our simple turrets.


Im such a person who despises them! They decide whole games without taking any skill to use them.
For example, n1 in the game dies and has 248 points, in a fair modus there would be another round, but with the turrets he just has to shoot two maybe not that good players who dont even try to dodge them and the player has won without any real fight. This has been very annoying many many times!
I think making the turrets more powerful, as you said with choosing between bombs and rockets, would end in a lack of skill play


but it does provide an incentive to keep them in the game and not quit. But I did think of something while considering your arguments. What about a system of ghost points? I’m suggesting an idea where instead of stealing points from those playing, you play a game beneath the game. Let me explain, everyone alive doesn’t like losing points to the dead. However, what if they didn’t lose points. We make it so the dead earn points, for the same reason. But instead of everyone earning points when dead, we could make it only the top three shooters, to encourage competition and involvement. It would certainly feel like whoever shot the most feel like they earned it if they had to duke it out with all the dead. It’s a rough idea and i’m not sure if everyone would follow my thinking, but it’s what I thought of


That actually sounds pretty good :ok_hand:


then they whould have half-points/decimal points then.


pretty neat!
but probably won’t be in the game, because the devs dont have that potential in their skill yet


I personally don’t even use turrets :joy: but it would improve the competition.


That’s fine. :slight_smile:
Just wanted some ideas out there. It’s a cool game regardless.


the wall

Make a wall where you’ve died, people who go past you lose 1 point


Absolutely no steering when launched
Steals 2 points


Randomly throwns bombs in a 160 radius
Bombs explode radius are the size of a mine
Bombs detonate after .5 seconds
Steals 1 point (when player is hit by bomb)
reloads every 3 seconds


send out ghost lines that are 25% whiter than your usual color
people that pass through the ghost line “lose” 1 point (fake)
it will be an orange -1


Bad idea:
When you die, after 3 seconds, you get revived, but you don’t leave a line and can’t use powerups. So you are just a ghost. But you can go around and curve still