Dear mods and developers, your updates ruin the game and here's why



If you just removed the limit on powers, most people would probably be fine with this update. I personally have absolutely no issues on removing the upgrade system, but limiting the number of times you can use a power makes no sense. If you’re trying to push the game onto new players, why would you limit how many times they can actually play the game? On another note, everyone here was once a “new” player and we all managed to learn how to play the game because the game was a lot of fun, not because it was simple. There are so many players that come to this game regularly and I don’t think that anyone wants limitations.


But… ehh… money…


Then they could load up on ads


“you can not just turn back a full big update” … cmon srsly?, if u want too, u can do it :wink:

as i told before, for me and a lot others, if they stick with the new system i wont play anymore CF cuz this isnt just pay to win, its PAY TO PLAY!

And if u think this is the right way to get new players… ok have fun and go on. we ll see how this will end.


a highly disappointed ex-player


Pay2play is evil!


It’s me again, game design expert R4.

The latest game changing update
– and why :zap: is so terrible

In my The Flaws of CF Pro - My Analysis part 2 I had a whole section which I named Discouraging playing more than “needed” which was in my opinion the biggest flaw of CFP to that time but now almost 9 months later we got CFP version 1.5 which changed a whole lot.
An update which got rid of many things which got disliked by the community such as the different levels of modules and those getting blocked by crates. And how the latter caused people to not play more than one game with their favorite module combination.
All of that is gone and it got replaced by another just as flawed system.

I’m talking about the implementation of “energy”. The whole element of it is so incredibly counter-intuitive that I really don’t get how there could be any way of it to work in a game such as CFP. Maybe there are other games (can’t think of any games besides mobile ones) which are able to implement such a mechanic without feeling game-breaking but this is definitely the wrong game for it.

The general idea of it causes a major conflict with a natural “gamer instinct”. To elaborate on this let’s think of an imaginary game of any genre which has a clearly limited but very slowly rechargeable resource. Let it be medkits or fuel or whatever it’s the same concept. So we gamers grind our way through a game and collect every medkit we can and most of the times straight up risk dying just to not use a medkit because of that feeling “there will be a time I will need it more” or “I could use it another time”. So we prefer keeping our resource and instead dying to starting over again at the last checkpoint.
It’s a resource which there can be a point of time we need to resort on. It’s hard to explain if u haven’t been at the point yourself with way too many medkits at the end of a game.

Back to reality. Whenever I play CFP, I first of all collect my free :zap: and then maybe play 1-4 games only with my daily free modules. Once I’m done with my up to 4 games I’m done with CFP for the day.

Sure you could say this applies to any resources in games but it doesn’t. Especially when you are only able to play for 4 crates anyways. There is absolutely no sensible reason to spend :zap: or to play more than 4 games a day.

The update had it’s good sides I actually like it overall. Making it more skill-based by getting rid of power levels was great but I have to criticize flaws when they seem so obvious to me.

I think the implementation of energy just as the crates is flawed. I’m not saying that reverting the update is the right thing to do, I wasn’t a fan of the old system neither.

A game is supposed to be so fun and enjoyable that it gets you addicted. And if it’s free to play make you spend money on it that way. Not make you feel bad for spending your precious resource.

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And you are implementing it


Lol exactly!


I have 12 energy rn xD maybe i didnt play much the recent days, but since the update, I continued to play with sideshot and jump. And because I have 15 Sideshots still available, it will be a few more days/ weeks until I’ll feel the consequences of the update.


3-4 days you’ll be out of side shot if you play the same amount R4W1L does.


In my opinion, I don’t think that the update (with the :zap:) is that bad, but I do miss the coins and upgrading modules. I wished that there are options to upgrading and using either coins or :zap:'s with your modules. Also, I really didn’t care about having 4 crates instead of 8 because I wouldn’t find it as being a major problem.


I agree with line


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