Dear mods and developers, your updates ruin the game and here's why



I’m in Line with Owl here. I think we can agree to let the update sink in.

I also agree that not everything is bad. For me, I’m excited about team mode, customization, and leaderboards.

Lag is bigger, coins are lost, and a bunch of other features that we aren’t taking too well.

Some things will need to be fixed, while not everything needs to. Other things just need to be…modified.

Therefore, #update_the_update, not #reverse_the_update.


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Guys, please stop! This is getting annoying, we are all a community here, and we are here to help and grow the game of curvefever, not destroy it! If you wanna talk, talk positive to the devs, or just shut up. Excuse my language, but please stop attacking others on a FREE TO PLAY GAME, its not a big deal! We all have ideas, and we all are different here!


people did attack each other a little, attack is a strong choice of word though, but saying that we can only make positive remarks about an update which is clearly flawed does not seek to improve the game


Uhm @Dragonfyre maybe the others got comments because it is the same guy with 5 accounts :joy: … at least some dev said that there is someone doing so … not necessarily accusing you guys btw …

And only saying bad stuff about the update isnt good either. I am happy you want to let it sink in, that is good. Maybe you will change your opinion maybe you wont. But if you can state your opinion like the same day of the update, i should be allowed to do si as well. If you didnt think it was constructiv enough i am sry.

Oh and we should really wait with pointing on numbers for the update. Yes it might have a negativ reaction first but maybe this will settle down and more players will join and stick around. As for today its already 70 people again, so it could have been random (which i dont believe tbh because the update had some negativ aspects)

@VIDMAN it was in Italy :heart_eyes::joy:


Please remain on-topic. It is fine to discuss the update in a positive and negative context towards the developers but keep it to the update and your opinion. If you wanna discuss personal matters, go into a personal conversation and not here. I will monitor the post frequently.


Yeeter didn’t say to only say bad stuff about the update, of course that isn’t productive, to me it seems like he was simply pointing out to vidman that not pointing out any flaws in the update is counter-productive
Of course the update should be given a chance but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t voice initial concern, it seems like the strong opinions of players joining the forum to voice these concerns has caught the eyes of the developers, which mean they will be watching closer to see if the update continues to be poorly received
pointing out flaws doesn’t mean not giving some thing a chance, it just means there are problems to pay attention too
like how high level powers are still way more op and any highly upgraded low level power (other then side shot of course that shit is op)
the stuff where people attacked (attack is a strong word) each other is not appropriate people are right on that, we shouldn’t be clashing with each other on a personal level, only our opinions should be clashing, but in a way that doesn’t seek to prove everyone else wrong, but to get our points across so that we all come to an understanding about how everyone feels about this update so that any developers reading these comments are able to find which point of the update need to be reconsidered and which points were good.


Yep i agree with everything you said.

But this statement is hard to proof. I personally had oneshot and a fever today which are some of the first modules you get, and i managed to win almost every game i played. Modules are quite balanced atm. You have to adjust your playstyle tho to every module (lasr is a distance weapon, so get close to it and you will have it easier). Atm it got a lot more skillbased and i think that is good.


I wanna give some feedback.

There were a lot of really good updates from a design and gameplay perspective.
But this one is not good. At first I was very confused then I realised how it worked.

I really dislike reducing quantities they don’t make me feel like I can achieve anything. Also power ups are not too much of an advantage since it works out quite fine and you can even win against other gms at a certain level.

I am okay with only beeing able to earn 4 crates a day (half an hour of curvefever) as long as the rewards are multiplied in the same way. I always felt like 8 rounds of cf a day was a bit too much for me personally but I am okay with 8 rounds as well due to me sympathising with people who want to play more.

I also think the new mechanics make the game look cheap somehow like an I Phone game. Maybe just sell different colours again if you want to earn more. So in conclusion please reverse the update?


Need to pay…? need to pay for powers on which I worked few months?
I think its a one big joke.


@alleah your just going to get the thread locked with replies like that, please stay on topic and argue with his argument not him otherwise we will loose the right to speak our opinions on the update here
stay on topic guys keep the discussion focused on the update
and its flaws


Stop annoying people. Constructive criticism should be always welcome, as long as it’s written properly and without accusation. Line grinded for weeks for a lv 10 scatter, which was nullified a few day later with the update, so the fact that he’s defending the update actually says a lot.

let’s look at what you wrote:

True, but not related to the new update, and it’s something the devs fixed.

True again, and it’s to be the biggest issue. Although for the way you write about it it seems you didn’t pay for gems, so let those who paid and CF support deal with it themselves.

No idea what you’re saying. What’s a powerup, a module? why are difficult to understand? this sentence doesn’t say anything constructive.

You would know about energy if you red the changelog that gets in your face every time you load the game. Every major game change in every game require some effort form the user, because they have to relearn how part of the game works. that does not mean that the game is not ‘simple’ . In fact, the game is now simpler because:

  • Simpler interface. The modules are rearranged and neatly organized, less popups onscreen, less info displayed. The whole upgrade system is removed, so nothing can be simpler than that right?

  • Simpler to play. Unless you were really enjoying squeezing your eyes at the start of each game, just to look at the small numbers below each module of each player, convert those numbers to the corresponding tournament level just to know who has the most powerful modules, I’d say the way the modules are de-leveled now makes this part of the game simpler and easier to play :wink: .

  • Simpler to learn. One of the biggest reasons for the upgrade is to make the game more approachable for new players. the way it was before the game seem unfair and pay-to-win to some of the newbies. Even though that was not true, it was their impression since they were being crushed by players with modules higher than their own. This upgrade returns the CF to a purely skill based game, rather than a skill and upgrades based game.

About the the Energy, it’s simply the new CF currency that replaced the coins. Of course, right now the currency systems feels a bit redundant since first you buy gems, then you use gems to get energy, than you use energy to unlock the modules. It was created like this because later on when customization is available you’ll be able to use gems or other things than energy.

I agree with you that pools could be used more often, but pools are good only for certain questions, like which graphic is better or for deciding the tournament time, not something as complex as a new gameplay update. This is too complex for the average player to decide, and should be left for the developers to decide ( unless you want to become a shareholder of the company, then you might get a saying in it :rofl: )

Overall, play the new update for a few weeks before judging it and let’s see, you might even like it :slight_smile: .


@Owl I think the idea - apart form making the interface as simple as possible -is that you shouldn’t need to see the module’s values too much, since the modules will eventually be balanced. Before, balancing the modules was a nightmare since you also had to take into account the lv of the module I think some modules that were used by many high level players had been overnerfed because of this in the past ( trigger bomb? ) .Now, balancing is simpler. Also, displaying the values might prompt new players to choose a module based only on the attack, which should be avoided :slight_smile: .


Even if this was the idea, its important to be able to see that the reason you choose the harder to aim power is because it has a higher attack value. Like for instance i picked side shot over one shot today because I assumed it was better, but I was wrong.


I agree, I also like to know all the stats, but it’s better not to show them on the module for the above reason. We just need to get used to check the attack by clicking on a module, after a few days we’ll learn all of them :slight_smile: .


Definitely better to show :slight_smile:


i tried to read all this and then gave up
and also just calm down


arguing won’t get us anywhere


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