Dear mods and developers, your updates ruin the game and here's why



@alleah I totally agree with your post.


Please just stop posting on everyones posts. And also I said that because you literally argue with everyone about our thoughts on the new update.:expressionless:


Am i not allowed to state my point of view? :joy:


you told others they weren’t allowed to state theirs


Where? #stop_me_if_you_can


I would just like to hear your reasons for that, btw devs r checking multiplicity of accounts. #justsaying :joy:


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Not a native english speaker so i might be excused for that :joy:

And you ofc you can post your opinion here, that is what the forum is here for. I would just suggest to give the update a chance before u completely destroy it on here :joy:

and the reeducating stuff is a lil offensiv tbh …


Guys calm down. :’) At this rate the devs won’t even get to see the actual comments and feedback. I think most of us agree that something has been lost in this last update and we all feel like we have to pay to use something that we already bought/owned. I’m with Line here - lets wait a few days here and see how the update turns out. If it works and the update is successful, there will probably only be small changes. If (as I and supposedly others expect) this update has had damaging effects, the devs will probably undo the changes or make further changes to improve the game.

In terms of simplicity, I think there are things that are more simple (power levels, the “discovered but not usable” state of a power) and stuff that makes less sense (can’t see attack and defense values without checking the “info” screen, no “welcome” screen telling you which powers are free each day, you can’t use all the powers you unlock unless you use energy) etc


Hey guys,
Please give the team a chance. Making a game is hard work, and these guys really work their butts off. They are trying to increase player base by making the game balanced and fair for all players, even though that might anger some seasoned players. With every new updates, problems come, and they will be fixed. This whole day, from when I woke up, trough school, and now, all I saw was negativity, and that’s not what this community does. I used to come here for fun, and to talk with great people, but know its just hatred and complaining. Please, please just be considerate, and help the devs continue to improve this game. With this update, they are trying to make the game easier for new players (or noobs like me), by doing this they had to remove progress, and balance all powers to make it skillful, not just who paid, or spent a lot of time. Again, I know this is not the best typed comment but please, calm down and just have fun. Its not some top tier Esports tour your losing here, its just a simple game ment for people to have fun. Just wait it out, I will bet my Girlfriend that everything will be fixed and improved.

Your friend,



True, this isn’t a negative community, however the fact that this update has been so poorly received should be taken into account, I haven’t found anything to be overly un-balanced its relatively quick to advance, i just used a guest account for the first few weeks I played and inadvertently reset my progress twice so i know its not hard to move up. The only annoying thing i ever found as a problem between higher up players and new players is the high level moves which still are not available to new players making this still an issue, the upgrades were not very notice able they mostly just gave players on an individual a small sense of achievement. If developers truly sought to make things fair for new players all abilities would be available right away


The biggest problems here are:

The money compensation for those who bought gems.

And I personally liked having my powerups unlocked forever and unlimited play too instead of having to pay real money to use “energy.”

The update is BAD, the developers are good, there’s a difference but I think it will slow down the growth of this game immensely.


Just a off topic question here,
@Line where did you make your profile pic


Okay I talk to much but this is too funny, there is someone named hateupdate fu**ing the update!


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Yes. For 2 weeks before the update, at 7 am EST, there are sustainable from 75-80 players in queue. This morning(the very day the update occurred), there were only 55-60. Some may say that it’s a coincidence or chance occurrence and only occurred once, but since it was 75-80 previously for a sustainable time, I think it’s safe to say that the update may have not been well-received.


I agree with you that upgrades should be brought back, though.

The update was indeed poorly received, and it may reflect on the update itself. Perhaps if this negative response stays strong until later on in the week, then the devs should decide.


I agree that the devs should wait and see. If the negative response to the update continues till near the end of the week, then the devs should take decisive action.

Yes, the devs work hard. Speaking for myself, I’m not downsizing that. The moderators and developers are indeed very active in the community.