Dear mods and developers, your updates ruin the game and here's why




So maybe you think I’m being rude but after seeing many comments on the forum and considering the last update which also ruined the game and caused a lot of lag I have come to the conclusion that the updates you’ve made recently don’t make the game better - - it makes it WORSE.

  1. The last update had a white shaking screen and caused a lot of lag, no one liked it. Thanks for removing it.

  2. Now suddenly the coins disappeared – what about people that have spent actual MONEY on buying gems/converting them to coins and buying upgrades? Will you pay them back? Apparently not.

  3. The powerups were difficult to understand and ARE more difficult to understand now.

  4. What is this about “energy”? The game was better when it was simple.

  5. Why can we only earn 4 creates per day now as opposed to 8?

As much as I appreciate the game and all of you who work towards making curvefever pro better, this is a huge flaw in your system. Please, ASK the players through polls what we want. If we like the new idea for the game. And if you’re angry with me for writing this, that’s fine but I’m also speaking for many other players in the game and if I am the one to take blame for the opinions that is worth it if curvefever pro gets better/to the way it was.

Thank you.

The last update - and why ⚡ is so terrible
Updating Updates

this guy is 100% correct



Reverse update, bring back good version
Reverse update, bring back good version

Yea, I agree with OP. The least they could have done in regards to the coins, was to convert them to gems.

All the gems spent buying upgrades, gems bought with real money, also seems to be “stolen” from players this way, there really needs to be some sort of refund I believe.


For the refund i am with you guys, even if we got energy for every update.

But for the simplicity? Are you serious this is way easier then the stuff we had before.

And you have been warned that this update is coming … mods and devs asked some players what they think about it as well.

I personally think you should read the forum and discord before you make statements like this.


Okay but they asked “some players” in the forum. They could have made a pop-up message within the game asking us through polls that we could vote on. Wouldn’t that save so much hassle? Not everyone’s on the forums everyday. And secondly I am not the only one who thinks it’s more complicated than ever now.

I thought of it well before writing this, thank you.


Well you have to inform yourself :joy: dont always expecet to be fed with information …
Ofc this update has some flaws but on the long run it might be good. Just wait until they add costumizations and teamgames … :joy:


But as a game it should be very easy to understand, especially a game of lines… fine you don’t agree but others do and I’ve seen you commenting on others posts who are giving feedback. You know we’re speaking to the creators of the game and not really to discuss with other players how we’re wrong or not? :unamused:

But yes as for team games and stuff that sounds good.


You know that this is a forum right :joy:
If you dont want to discuss with people not having your opinion, that is simply arrogant … and just cause you say you dont like it devs are not going to reverse it :joy: i have heard many many players that actually like it better then before

And srsly :joy: how is this not easy to understand lol


I’m kinda ambivalent on the update. I love the graphics, and it’s fairer.

But then again, I didn’t spend money on the game. So…

#reverse_the_update(not all of it tho plz, like the customizations)


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I mean the modules are a lot more colorful and the energy is vibrant. That’s it, though. But I do like it.


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Or says any suggestion either.


Thanks to everyone agreeing with me. :rofl: #reverse_the_update

And yeah Line seems that people have a few opinions about your comments on forums, maybe think a little about your actions first. :grin:


Simpler? IMO, no.
Fairer? Possibly. Certainly not fair to compensate for the coins.




Hahaha. :joy::joy::joy:


It is the first day of the update, let it sink in for a couple of days, then devs will decide what to do.

Everything was stated in advance. Idk maybe a week or so before the update, it was brought up here in the forum and on the discord server. So basically everyone had access to it :blush:

TBH i was one of the first player to actually speak up against the update! Mostly because of the refunding stuff which I still think is unfair. But i guess we should give this update a chance. Reversing it is always possible (but after a couple of hours is too soon). Just complaining about stuff wont do anything rn.

Your ideas r great srsly. But sometimes way too advanced, as you can see the game as it is atm doesnt even have a fixed basis. The metagame is changing a lot since it is hard to find a good one for everyone. Most of your ideas would be nice but only of need if the metagame is actually fixed. So i am not shooting you down, i am just saying that is might be too soon for that great of ideas.