Dear Diary



Hi there,

Here’s a new thread open for everyone to share some interesting achievements, i.e. personal best score, notable wins or losses, some trivia from the game etc.

All this in a form of writing a diary, like you would like to put it down to remember in later days.

Please do not spam the thread with anything else than your daily diary posts. :rage:

Dear Diary

Today was a wild day - first I gained +100 points and reached my personal best (#79) and then I suffered some defeats and went back down -60 points. Still +40, however it doesn’t feel that good tho :slight_smile:

I checked my stats of last 1000 games (more or less a month load of plays), here are the resulsts:
1st - 391 times
2nd - 251
3rd - 197
4th - 102
5-6th - 59

A lot of progress to make, maybe the tactics ideas shared by others will make it happen, hopefully :heart:


Dear Diary,
Speed and Zap is still the best. I consistently get for gold crates everyday unless Disconnected by the server. last time I got disconnected 5 times and I lost over 70 rank and why I’m not a Grandmaster anymore so trying to get that back will be a challenge.
3 DAYS AGO due to d/c’s

diary entry over


Dear diary,

Tonight was insane! I’ve been giving so much love to the community lately! I’ve used all of my 50 likes for two days in a row. It would be great to give my love to more people and end up with the badge you get for giving 50 likes for 5 days in a row. The community should do the same thing and spread the love :heart:

Here is something that I’m really proud of:

See you soon!

p.s. tomorrow is valentines day, I hope love wins tomorrow :smile: :heart_decoration:


Dear Diary

I have witnessed a pure madness, @mimokrok rocks his corner skills. I played a lot of corner in CF2 but it’s different here and what he does is annoyingly good and a bit scary too.

I hate it when the system creates the game with a silver to party with 3 x D3 and 2 x GM.

And what is the most upsetting, it’s obviously a smurf, a GM hiding beneath the mask, kicking arses as it goes:

Match SkeW-QGH4.0
1. [250] Kamikaze ( +7)
2. [231] Hrvat ( +5)
3. [190] Gu3st#66414 ( +52)
4. [188] Devila ( -6)
5. [165] stellan ( -10)
6. [86] JonathanChaplin ( -4)

Match BybKcagrN.0
1. [251] Night ( +8)
2. [205] Ivanvukk ( +7)
3. [191] oMeGa ( +2)
4. [189] Anborond#4089 ( +45)
5. [168] Alberto ( -4)
6. [106] stellan ( -16)

So how is that an improved matchmaking system?


Dear Diary,

Mine Valetine’s date turned out rather unexpectedly, the girl I have been following lately (all stalking and mocking) happened not to hold any grudge against my silly boy’s manouvers and let us spent a lovely afternoon together with corner and L.A.S.R. :slight_smile:

She taught me that in the end in this game it is skill and friends you meet that make the world.

The ranking, badges and stuff come later, they don’t really matter that much.

Thank you, Cara

PS. So… I’m a happy Silver now xD


Dear Diary,

I just love the sound of butt cracking when the speedzappers approach me and I quickly use the trigger bomb to shield myself and steal some points from the attacker :wink:

It works great with time bomb and homing missle too, but pretty hard to dodge the bullets tho :confused:


Dear Diary,

I’m making a lot of progress, just thought you should see it!


Dear Diary

Today is the day I officially mastered CFP, I should get a diploma so I could hang it up on the wall:


BTW, not so long time ago this rank would be enough for TOP#15 and now it is not even in TOP#50 :roll_eyes:

Since 8th Nov 2018 the GM treshold increased by 100 rp which gives us roughly an inflation rate of 1rp/d

Should the increase pace stay the same, we will witness a first MASTER badge in the lobby on 18th April 2019 xD

For those who do not remember, the Master badge is Purple <3 xD



Dear Diary

I have waited 2k games for this moment and it’s finally arrived:

My laser beam hit three players at one time! :sunglasses:

Round Three xD

CFPro GIF compilations

Dear Diary

I finally reached Gold 3 today!
I’ve mastered the art of multi-side and got a streak of 4 gold crates in a row!
57%20AM 43%20AM

I also made this clutch in the last round on this replay!


Dear Diary,

Reach rank three in the morning. :white_check_mark: 46%20AM


Dear Diar,

Lose three ranks next day :sob:



Dear diary,

Ya boi can’t wait for the next battle pass.


Lol,did u lend it again to your brother


dear diary,

why do I have so many views on my profile?



Dear Diary,

Back to gold, trying speed and zap not sooo goood!33%20PM


Dear diary,

I accidentally ranked up with 170rp+ and i have to derank now :frowning: