Dear developers - tune down zapp & scattershot!



No PowerUp should steal 20% of Points. It’s simply overpowered. Please Tune down the Percentage!

If you (Forum-User) feel the same way - please just like this post so it get’s the importance it deserves.

I’m so done with SuicideZappers who don’t really contribute anything to a fun and engaging gameplay.
Zapp enables them to play shitty & lame for an entire game and then turning it around with one/two suicide zapps - it’s just LAME.


Zap is not that great :joy: it is only good with speed, dash or hideself. Hiders are easily countered by fevers or mines. And for speed or dash users you can always use modules that counter it like: Shield, Trigger bomb, Jump, 180, dash, speed, corner, zap.

The fun part in the game is that almost any combo has easy counters :joy: and if you do not want to use them and choose to play with a worse combo … well then you have to outplay them, which in all honesty is not that hard against most suicide zappers :joy:


I always have fun when I see these suiciders trying to get me desperately and they can’t :joy: Or just die on the wall :wink: But also with time they should make you much better at protecting yourself. I see a lot of people complaining, but what they all probably want is to go all in to attack. After that they complain when they all are outplayed because they zap is stronger in open fight. Just learn how to get space, how to dodge first. If you all think zap is so easy try to get gm with that!

PS: put like for Line post to prove that zap is not OP at all (only angle, laser and thick fever are)


You are totaly right - “try to get to GM with Zapp” - good Luck.

…but that’s not the point!

The point is, that for lower level players it is just frustrating to see Zapper steal a fifth of your points because they managed to fly close by. It is just UNFAIR.

So if, as you say, Zapp plays no greater Role in GM ranks (which is true) then it shouldn’t be much of an issue to tune down that exorbirtant Percentage that is pissing off a lot of people.


Yes - Zapp is not that great. I get it.

So then, if it’s not that great anyway then where is the problem in tuning down the percentage - that makes it so frustrating and unfair for lower level players.

So to break it down: NO powerup should take so much points (i.e. - a FIFTH of your points) that one hit is a complete game changer. It’s just too random.


The point is, it is already bad … why would you make it even worse? I get it, it can be frustrating but instead of asking the questions: “Why is this sooo strong?” you could ask: “What did I do wrong to get hit by it, knowing that the other player has to get close to me?”

Hope this gives you an insight why it will not get nerfed.