DB_error (301)


i always see this error if i want to pick crates or change powers (i cant pick crates or change powers )

even tho i lost some rank earlier it stayed at 1808 xD
but srsly any solutions ?

DEV EDIT: Lets find this nasty bug together. Please help us by telling us your ingame username and xp level!

Brand new bug

Ye some others are complaining about this as well! I guess the best it to contact @Geert for this one since I have no idea what this might be.

Maybe it is because of the update that comes tomorrow but it is definitely weird.


hm didnt yall say the game wont have updates ?


Same for me.

started to get it since 2 days ago.

it started happenning after the first time i opened crates (which i didnt do for a long time)


ahahah it happened to me just today and guess what i got stuck with back reverse and jump :frowning_face:




:joy::joy::joy::joy: welcome to family


Ow i cant apply a skin or open crates
But there was a n update :smile:


SAME!!! :frowning: I also can’t level up my battle pass… And I think as of today the new update came out but still…


Same, on one of my acc’s I am stuck with speed burst hide self. I also can not play play the “classic” game mode because I get an error when I take out my powers and try to hit play


hm i see only players who didnt pay in the game have this problem :thinking: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Another bug I have is that although I can’t send or accept friend requests, but somehow the people I attempted to accept/send friend requests to are private messaging me, though they don’t even show up on my friends list.


anybody online with this error? I want to debug it together with you!


yes here


Please help us by telling us your ingame username and xp level!


I’m here too


name on cfp is Sniper God Lvl 63 @Geert


I will reply for my friend, they don’t have a forum acc.

Username is aLpHeR
xp level is 62



64 almost 65


The-Golden 64 level
Crates are opening now !
Do not count it