Dan's guide to CurveFever PRO performance


Dan’s guide to CurveFever PRO performance

  1. Browser

The optimal browser for Curve Fever Pro is Opera GX, as it comes with the latest optimizations for browser games. Other good options incase GX is not working well for you are:
Regular Opera
Chromium - latest or preferred version

  1. **Browser settings ** (Opera GX)
    Privacy protection: Enable both block ads & block trackers (Manage exceptions: Curve Fever Pro naturally :slightly_smiling_face: ).
    Browser sounds: Disable all browser sounds.
    Battery saver: Disable all options.
    System: Test out “Use hardware acceleration when available”, in most cases ON should be working fine, OFF has benefits for worse end devices.
  2. Uncapping the FPS:
    Right click on the browser shortcut and click properties. Navigate to Target, and write --disable-frame-rate-limit (don’t forget the space before --) after the .exe"
    This should work for all of the users. It’s an important step, as it allows you to have more frames and with that, more loops in which your key taps are being registered. If you don’t get fps higher than usual, you did it mistakenly ( try opening the shortcut version of the browser where you changed the settings, not taskbar version ).

For Mac you can try the following command in the terminal
open -a "Google Chrome" --args --disable-gpu-vsync --disable-frame-rate-limit

  1. Other settings (mostly for medium and worse pcs):
    Write --disable-gpu-vsync (don’t forget space before --), after the previous --disable-frame-rate-limit. Click apply and OK.
    This should work better for most of the users, but you can try putting this off and on if you see any difference.

You can try writing --enable-skia-renderer=“true” after the last two too (don’t forget space before --), it helped for some users.

If settings at 4. don’t help you, you can always delete them from target or reinstall the browser at any given point.

  1. PC settings:
    Power options: Put your PC on high performance.
    Nvidia control panel settings: Adjust image settings with preview - slide it to performance.
    Manage 3D settings:
    Vertical sync: OFF
    Triple buffering: ON

These cfp performance enhancing settings have been tested and validated by many top players and Rojoss. You can change anything you like as we couldn’t test it on hundreds of devices and it can be different for you, however for vast majority it should create smoother experience with less keylaggs.


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Thanks for the guide, Dan!



Can confirm this helps massively :elephant:


Hi @Whitesnakee, please can you write a guide for MacBook users?


Down 5 ping and up 150 fps. Huge help


Go to nearest store & buy a PC.