Customization ideas and Limited Edition items/events



So I first started playing CF back when CF3 came out. (Ik Ik im not a true CF2 player but still) Some of the things I liked from CF3 were the custoizable colors we could choose from, their used to be the colors white and purple which were purchasable with gems. Then there was the christmas event in CF3 that I really enjoyed which rewarded players with limited edition colors. (By collecting a certain amount of candy canes) I really liked this aspect of the game and I feel like they should implement that to CF Pro in some way. If this was added this would add more things that we could spend our gems and coins on (Its a win win devs… more customizations more money) Another idea that I had… was seasonal crates, colors, ships, etc like in CF3. It would be cool to be able to buy some cool ships and cool colors. (after you earn or buy the gems/coins) I"m quite curios to hear what others think about this idea that could be added.

Also It would be cool if we got something for being in a certain League. ( Oh and there should be seasons but thats another topic)

Let me know what you guys think of this… would this be a fun/cool update to have? Holloween is around the corner it would be cool if we had halloween themed ships, colors, crates, etc. Or would it make the game worse? and if you have any other ideas on this feel free to comment it below.


I know this post is from last year, but i really like the concept of this.
Maybe we could make a preferred color for the people w/o skins?