Customizable Ship Option



Along with the Jungle Leaf, Blue Racer, Red & Yellow and Think Pink (250 gems) I think there should be a 300-350 gem option (only for players above level 20) where players could choose from a range of colors, patterns and effects to create their custom skin. For example, someone could have a red-and-blue ship with a zebra-type pattern and a smiley-face effect. They could also choose the shape of their ship. For example, a dragon head, emoji, panda, etc. Plus, the various combinations would mean nobody would have the exact same ship, since you would only be able to modify your ship after 24 hours. In addition, round-the-clock remarks (and insults…that’s a disadvantage. But people can be very irrational) would be thrown around, complimenting each player on their color choice, etc. Who agrees? (This is just an idea). :ship::cfp::cfp::ship::cfp::gem::gem:


I was thinking about the same thing, but maybe if only the tournament winners could
receive personal skins as reward would be better


Also customizable skins in a determined level or a Battle pass reward