Customisation is Out - Just in Time for the Winter Holidays!

Let me just start off with saying that we are all so excited about this update.

To have customisation in the game we first had to make sure we have a system that allows us to implement various types of curves without impacting the performance of the game.

We are going to release an initial selection of 6 skins, some similar to what you know and love in previous curve fever games, some for the holiday season, and some fun different colours that we thought you might like.

There is an extra tab in the shop menu where you can see all the new curves in action and purchase the ones you like best. Once you own the skins you will be able to see them displayed in the selection menu on the right. You can order them from 1 to 6 based on preference (1 being the one you most want to play with).

The reason for this is that we also wanted a way to make sure players keep their identity in matches and there are no 2 people with the same colour. This means that if you are matched with someone that also has the same skin as your selected first priority skin, your second priority skin will be used in the game; if that one is also taken than your third skin will be used, and so on.

So without further nonsense from me let us get up close and personal with the new skins that will be going live, in the game, this upcoming patch

The Holiday Curves:

  • Candy Cane - Satisfy your holiday cravings with this delightful sugary treat.

  • O Christmas Tree - How lovely are thy branches indeed! Decorate the battlefield with the perfect Christmas tree!

The Classic (you might have seen this one before)

  • Jungle Leaf - Heed natures call and take a walk on the wild side!

A stylized twist on the existing curves

  • Blue Racer - Show the world just how fast you can be!

  • Red&Yellow - Why choose when you can have both!?

  • Think Pink - I’m here to look like bubblegum and kick some butt, and I already look like bubblegum! Pink

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-12-2018 | 1.5.1

Thank you guys! With this legitness here, now enjoy your holidays!


Nicee so cool skins! Are they already in game? When is update? Cause I am on phone not home and cant look on computer :laughing::rofl::joy:


Update is live and the skins are in game already :smile:


Ok thx for answer :laughing:


There should be a confirmation button for buying skins so people don’t buy things on accident. Like me…


Lol u actually do that? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


We also tink that’s needed, especially considering the new skin dragging UI, hopefully we’ll have time for that, but we are only a team of 6 people and can only work on a few things at one time :smiley:


Yeah! that’s soo cool nice! A bit expensive, but maybe I buy one :laughing: A fire + golden one would be epic i think, like one that leaves like a fire or burned trace.(I think of infernal Akali skin from leagueoflegends) And regular more skins, which are not available the whole time… But i guess you thought of that already. If that secures the funding, maybe you could also revert the energy system in the future :rofl: But yea, I’m hyped, I like it


Woah nice! Looking forward to more skins in the future!