Custom rooms, power selections, Rank limits


Coming out of the last tournament, a lot of cfpro players might be slightly weirded out by how different the playstyle of this tour was compared to others, and I think a lot of cf3 players will have enjoyed this style of play.

Custom rooms are an opportunity to choose what powers people use and actually access all the different types of play that people could do in cfpro.

One of the issues for me about cf3 was that because everything was based around the arenas, every game had someone using reverse in order to gain rank. In the same way, in quickplay games now, every game has someone using fevers and mines. Though many people might not enjoy playing camping games, some do and I know plenty of people who get really put off by the number of people using just fevers or just mines in quickplay.

One strength of cf2 for me is despite the game being so simple, there are different gamemodes like team vs ffa, GS, thin, special, and then other fun options like, thin+cheese, red items, etc. This makes the game diverse despite its simplicity. In cfpro, despite it being more customisable, gameplay isn’t as diverse. The energy update was nice to an extent as it forced different powers to be used, but since fevers are all used in the same way it just caused fevers to be abused. It also was a restriction of possible customisations rather than a freedom of customisations which doesn’t help.

Another thing which really annoys me at the moment is rank and matchmaking. I will often wait 5 or 10 minutes before playing a match to see if there are any gms online and will wait until they queue up before doing so myself. I will still often get matched with players giving me a +0 score. Its seriously annoying and has time and time again made me turn off cfpro and go back to cf2. I don’t think I’ve managed more than 5 or 6 games in a day in the last few weeks without getting pissed off with matchmaking and leaving for cf2 where I can choose to play with other players of a similar skill.

I know that the devs don’t care about top players at the moment and are focusing on new player retention, but for me one of the obvious ways to achieve this is through custom matches, adding the functionality to play different styles. And not have to play versus a top tier gm who seriously can’t be arsed and trolls around.

I have had some of the best fun on CFPRO playing ranked customs with other gms but at the moment to do this requires me to be friends with them. Otherwise they don’t choose the right powers or I just don’t know if they are online even. And to become friends on cfpro etc requires discord which not everyone has and even fewer actually consistently use.

The few times I managed to do ranked customs were when I went through for 10 minutes messaging by name every gm and diamond player in the queue and hoping noone left in the room got bored and left.

My suggestion is to add the option to limit power choices as a host and to add a rank limit to rooms. If nothing else, this addition would bring back some Cf3 players who love to snake around screen but don’t enjoy shooting and dodging fevers, mines and lasers. It would also help with the social aspect of the game as finally stronger players would stay online more and actually get to know each other better as they play with each other more. Also it would help diversify the game more and stop people from getting bored of things like fever spamming etc.

I know this post will probably not get any response from devs other than, “that’s not our plan right now” but it would be really interesting to hear if other players have similar issues with the current system.

I wrote pretty much the same post a while ago, but I’ve found that usually writing a new post gets better feedback than bringing back an old one, so I’m writing it again in a new context.


Could not agree more Owi. This would definitely be a nice feature <3


I’d love it!

Definitely share your views on custom rooms and such. Besides, if it’s not the devs’ priority right now, then what is?


im agree rank limit would be fun, instead of kicking every 3 sec the same bronze cuz he absolutly want to play,

and also item costumisation would be useful, for example, if we say only 1 shot and scatter, for not that people think that 1 shot mean homing (totally not talking about u @Alpha)


You are totally not talking about me.


Also agree with @Owl, that would be really great and really could increase social aspects of the game a lot.