Custom powerups



Recommend your own Powerup So a mod sees it and makes it a a real powerup

My Powerup: Buff Fever
This fever makes the screen colorful, making it hard to see the lines
Another one: CRACK FEVER
It looks like your computer screen is cracked when it’s not

AND a Laggy Fever that makes the game laggy on purpose


No lines fever :smiley:
Makes it to where your ship doesn’t make lines vise versa :smiley:


curve blind fever… but that is actually working
i mean all the screen should be black and with is a little circle around you so you can see, but you vision is really reduced,

it would be way better than original cuz we still can seeall the line and its also unfair for colorblind people (like me) cuz they cant see all color as other player (vampire, red and purple in my case)


@RageYounq Thats kind of helpful like invisibility…


@SatGamesYT Right? That’s one power I’ve always kinda wished this game had. I feel like it could actually be pretty good.


Crayola Shot: This module shoots a crayon that traces a random-colored trail that will hurt your opponents and/or benefit yourself. The ability depends on the color:

  • Red- Acts like a barrier, but only for opponents. The user, however, is the only one to go through it.
  • Orange- This slows down every ship for 2 seconds. This is an appropriate substitute for Brake.
  • Yellow- Every time your opponent is on this line, 8.5% of his/her points will be taken.
  • Green- The user of this color will gain 3.5% more points for every 2 seconds. The duration lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Blue- For every ship that goes through it, he/she will get a super shield that lasts for 1.5 seconds.
  • Indigo- If one of your opponents go through it, he/she will be infected by a random fever.
  • Violet- For every opponent that goes through it, it will be poisoned and lose 3% of their points for every 3 seconds. The poison duration is 12 seconds.


Very Detailed Nice! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Freeze Fever: Freeze someone for a few seconds, and if you can, kill them/surround them with other fevers & items. However, if its too OP, just nerf its point % taken.


Oh that’s a really good idea!