Curvefever 2


hi i was a curve fever 2 player i‘m looking for my old friends :frowning:


Most people the play curvefeverpro alot and have been here awhile sign up for the forum so I don’t think there are any here if you start playing cfp you might find some of them!


You might find some on the CFR (Curve Fever Remastered) discord server.


it merged with curve crash
Curve Crash new link


The games didn’t merge. It’s just that the devs will be working on a new remastered version together.


Thank you😀




i think he meant the devs. Also where can i find curve wars.


Im asking the same thing tbh I was trying to find it but it all linked to curve crash :

I think that should work.


and it does not


Just as a clarification. Curve Crash and Curve Wars already merged.
CW got shut down so we have to only maintain CC while we work on the new game :sunglasses:.

I invite every lost CF2 player into our Discord!


Yooo remember me? xD