Curve fever screwed this up



i think they should have left the time bomb radius at 160 and NOT 120 if you agree with me then friend me at technic bucket on curve fever pro but please increase radius because this sucked all of the time bomb.




is this called friend me bait?


160 was too much imo, i think 140 would be a good radius for it


I like it… it def was too good before.


this was my first topic so i didn’t know what to say


& trigger need to repair


whats wrong with trigger @Ozzzj


Good question I think it is just as always :joy:


People say that size does not matter, but not in this case. Trigger needs more size


i see what your saying and i do agree with you


I would love to agree with you :joy: but if you know how to use it, then you don’t need more size :joy:


Yes, but if it was a little bigger, it would give me more joy. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I guess it would be OP then :joy: but yea kinda the same… would be great #triggersquad


I think timebomb should be the size of trigger And trigger the size of timebomb :sunglasses:


this is friend me bait definately


jk its not i know you and this is ur first topic so


Tbh curve screwed up the points system with the powerups. Everything is overpowered.