Curve Fever Rank In A Nutshell (Script)


Rojoss: So pal, what do you want to do?
Hohoho: I wanted to get to #1 in GM.
Geert: Me too.
Rojoss: #1 GM? Oh yeah!! (Chuckles) To Curve Fever Pro!

Announcer: Live from a server…this show brought to you by the Research Team. Introducing…
Game: (This music plays) Me!!! (Audience cheers) Welcome to the Researcher Show. (Audience laughing) Today, we’ll air with your host in this platinum sweater who does all obvious trolls with good players. Am I right? (Laughs) (Audience laughs a little)
Rojoss: Well, Geez.
Game: This is to tell you about the best way to get an astonishing amount of rank… From North Carolina, USA, please welcome–
Me/Stardust (My CFP nickname): Me!! Hello. (Audience cheers) (Chuckles) Now-- Hello! I’m so excited!
Game: (Puts up a weird face)
Me: Anyways, do you like to get precious rank right off the bat but you’re too scared that you’ll be losing some?
Game: I know I do with money making. (Wheezes in laughter)
Me: Well, you get rid of any unnecessary/defensive modules… And say hello to the Double Multi. (Audience oohs) I’m so excited! (Audience cheers)
Game: Double What?
Me + Audience: Double Multi!
Me: Look-- this amazing combination can hit any player that has any module.
Game: Did you say, “Any module”?
Me: Yes, truly.
Game:… Any module?
Me: Yes, anything.
Game:… Any module?
Me: I’ll get you, and make it look like an innocent train wreck. (Silence)
Game: :frowning: (Audience tittering)
Me: (Music continues) Forgive me for the rudeness, but take off all the modules in your slots… And put in a Double, a Multi, or I don’t know,… Luck.
Game: Wow!
Me: Why not some low graphics for better performance?
Game: Ooh.
Me: I get what you’re thinking: Even some major skill.
Game: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Me; There you go.
Rojoss: ?
Geert: I don’t understand.
Hohoho: I don’t get it…
Me: Click ‘Ready!’, and this game’s your frickin’ uncle! (Moves head around randomly)
Game: What an insane combo! (Audience applause)
Rojoss: Yeeaaahh!! Whoo!
Me: Open the server up, and watch Side Shot mains get massacred out there, (Audience oohs and gasps) see your points, and add a screenshot of it. (Audience laughing and clapping) Good rank is minutes away.
Game: (This music plays) Did you just say, (with audience) “minutes away”? That’s impossible!
Me: Not only Side Shot is bad, it’s stupid.
Game: Now, wait for a minute…
Me; And it’s bad, just like Kirby from Super Smash Bros Melee.
Game: Did you call Kirby a bad Melee character?
Me: Shut up. I mean it. I will end you! (Gets deranked by Game)
Geert: Hey, Stardust! Your rank!
Me: What about it? Oh, I see! I went to silver rank. That’s odd because… (Sees it again) SON OF A GLI-- (Beep) (Silence)

(Hang in there, Multi!) (Music plays)

(After this, this music plays)
Me: Look, sorry that I did this show in front of you and I’m not doing this to have heavy criticism. I just said that there was theoretically the best one in CFP. I’m not taking it seriously. We’ll talk about it later… Ixnay, Ixnay (My vocab went up by 1!).
Rojoss: I know, but-- Stardust! Is that rank supposed to fly around like that? (Sees my rank go up and down)
Me: Oh, that’s pretty normal to me for every second that I lived with CFP. It’s a long story. (Chuckles)

The End.

So, how did I do with the script? Was it good? Let me know in the comments.
Challenge: Guess the reference correctly and you win a free prize!


would like to perform hoho’s character :joy: jk
and sorry for insta replying,im looking forward for a new episode of twd


It’s okay.

(Also, lol. The Walking Dead? I’m cool and slightly edgy; I don’t watch that. :sunglasses: That’s my unpopular comment)


Ty for choosing me c:

  • Be a good player
  • Care about rank
    Choose one


:joystick: lol

You do realize that this is a ‘rhetorical’ script about rank, not a perfect representation of what it’s like, right? :joy: This was entertainment-intended.

Also, I’d be a good player.


For a minute I thought it would be me


The mario music made me decide to continue reading lol


Thank you.